Sunday, July 10, 2011

Custom 1:6 scale Skateboard figure ...done!

I am really proud of the result of this figure. What started out as a well played with doll for a $1 from a yard sale goes to looking like this!  I have felt my creativity stifled for a while now, due to alot of stress from last year, both in my professional business life, as well as in my personal life. Sometimes, negativity stifles or drowns us artists.........well, I'm back, and this figure proves it. lol. I really like him and am ready I think to do more. I don't know what I liked creating more- the doll or the backdrop! I was so psyched about this custom I submitted photos for the custom figure weekly contest at Cotswold Collectibles on Facebook which they do each week. I don't know if my figure has been added or put on their page yet, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm hoping my pics get on the page, if not, oh well, try again and have fun doing it!
I think I covered everything inmy last post on the tutorial of how I did it, etc. I waited for better lighting and it was such a difference from those previous ugly grainey pics I had...ugh. It was well worth a little patience to wait and get great pics.  I would really love to try something cool with wire so it looks like I have caught him in motion...need more time for that, and setup.
I have been cleaning out the display room and there is no end to what I will find ....I have to make room for my other dollhouse I'm refurbishing, which is almost done. Time to move it to its spot. The One Sixth Scale dollhouse has a spot all its own, I needed to move some small shop scenes so this incoming dollhouse for the tiny bjd's would have its own spot off the floor. Right now what was formally the kitchen in the one sixth scale dollhouse is storage for extra 1:6 scale furniture.
Hope you enjoy the am working on Indiana Jones accessories from paperclay!

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