Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Grace Kelly to Catch a Thief...Deboxed.......

Well, she's here...arrived on Monday. Sometimes Mattel hits the mark, and then drops the ball. To Catch a Thief I was really excited about- I had seen the wardrobe and the movie, and this dress was a culture classic.
I knew I had a problem when I opened the shipping box and the doll's box was literally covered in popcorn fuzz. She was not wrapped in tissue like other dolls from Mattel. I had planned on keeping her box she came in for display and just taking her out for scenes and dollplay......after attempting to wipe the fuzz off the box, I immediately saw another problem- the dress is made of chiffon, and the edges are RAW,..yep, that's right. If you are deboxer, and like to play as I do, this dress has an unravel factor.
So onto the deboxing nightmare........a word of warning- don't get overexcited by New Doll arrival...use small scissors and be very careful when pulling threads out of this dress. She is sewn in extremely tightly. Considering they did not set the pointed edges of the gown, I do not understand how she's worth $34.95....but maybe the packaging is. I have shown pics here of my doll and the visible holes in the organza /chiffon panels on the darker blue. Underskirt is a cheap taffeta tube. Doll- Lovely lovely facemold, hair is lovely, but that Model Muse body. ick. Grace may receive a body swap --- I'm seriously contemplating this.

Just a word of warning...doll is lovely, but probably better not to debox. I am hoping for better things from the Silkstone Grace Kelly who hopefully will not be overpriced as this doll was.
Thumbs up- Facemold
Thumbs down- gown, packaging, Model Muse body

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