Tuesday, July 5, 2011

New Project: Custom Extreme Skateboarder..

Just a few quick pics of my 'Extreme' Skateboarder....these pictures are really not all that clear to the detail that went into this custom. With his 'shades' on you can't see his hoop earring in the right ear. Ever since finding the One Sixth scale Warrior message board I have been amazed at what people do with their customs....especially the dolls ,,oops, 'Action Figures' (ahem) from movies like Indiana Jones. One of my wants is a Sideshow or Hot Toys Indiana Jones, but I may end up making my own, instead of spending the $175+....lol.
My recipe for this custom was an old 'Flavva' doll purchased at a yard sale for $1 years ago, and who I used with my Fashion Model Barbies for a photo group shot long ago. He has languished with other dolls who are headed for the swap a body chop shop (no dolls were harmed in this customization.)The jeans, sneakers and shades are from Fashionista Ken fashion packs, and the skateboard is from Tek Dek? I think. I ripped the knees on the pants, rolled them up, and used jewelry findings for his earring. The tattos were done by me, as is the blushing or shading of his pectorial and abs. His hair was originally flocked , which gave him a rather goofy look, so I took fleece mohair and made him a cool, urbanite hairdo, with a bleached in look, like he's spent too much time in the sun.
I will be taking better pics of him once I get a suitable backdrop for him...he also has a barbed wire tattoo around his left ankle, and also a grease cloth with 'grease' paint on it from fixing his skateboard.
Hopefully, I will finish some prop items for the Indiana Jones figure I want to create...waiting while the paperclay dries!

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