Friday, July 8, 2011

Custom 1:6 scale Skateboard figure almost complete with backdrop

*Note: & Disclaimer: No action figures or dolls were harmed in the process of creating this custom figure- also, No Inappropriate Plastic Behavior was promoted while figure was being filmed*  ROTFL............however, we can attest the artist had fun!

...which needs a little more tweaking. I have always wanted to do a custom figure that walked on the 'wild side'...maybe not so elegant or fashionable, but more hip-hop, urbanite, a real bad boy with tattoos, cigarettes, and into extreme sports...this one is into skateboarding. From my last post, which was tame, you could see the basic figure was he just needs his environment finished, which I worked on today. You can see my 1:6 scale brick wall backdrop with sidewalk Tutorial -click on Tutorial and it will take you to my Flicker album.

Recipe for my Skateboarder....
$1 yard sale find 'Flava' doll
Jeans,watch and sneakers - Fashionista Ken fashion paks from Walmart
(plastic watch repainted)Jeans were weathered or 'ripped' with my exacto knife to simulate tears at the knees
Earring- jewelry jump ring
Skateboard $3.97 Walmart 'Tek Dek' (comes with extra wheels, decals and screwdrive in 1:6 scale)
Tattoos- painted free hand by me, Lisa Neault with acrylics
Backdrop materials
Large piece of cardboard, 24 high x 28 wide, painted white on one side
Black spray paint Michael's
Red spray paint tractor machinery red
Sheetrock joint compound Home Depot (for brick)
Sculpting tool
Exacto knife
popsicle sticks for spreading compound
cup of water
paper towels
Brown and black and red acrylic paints
foamcore scrap for sidewalk, 28 long 5 inches wide
Scrap of muslin, unraveled on ends for grease rag. 'Grease' stains are black acrylic paint dry brushed
Magi Brik or Stone tape, available at your local dollhouse shop
                                                                     Ruler if needed
Extra embellishments-  Since my backdrop is not complete, it needs to resemble the side of an old warehouse or building in a 'downtown' area, I will be adding graffiti, with acrylic paint, and probably a cigarette or beer sign along with an old fashioned Coca-Cola sign, since alot of the old warehouse buildings have these signs painted on, or in a billboard style, which I might do. I will post more pics here when that part is finished and when the sidewalk is aged as well.
I hope you have enjoyed the of the figure coming soon!

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