Saturday, March 19, 2011

Annabelle getting ready for bed....

After bringing home the furniture from the store out of the one sixth scale dollhouse, I couldn't resist setting up a small photo op with Annabelle and my gorgeous Bespaq bed. As you can see, it suits her to a tee. I know now that Annabelle may need a sister or cousin....(just another excuse for another doll!) and more sewing! I have purchased the fabric- two kinds of pink checked gingham and am torn...there was a silky gingham with gold threads running through it that would at first I thought do well for that dress that the doll wears on the cover of the book, but I also purchased a smaller check in same colors in seersucker and I think that may be what the dress will be made of. Yeah Joann's sale. I have ordered a back issue of Gildebrief magazine from Dollbooksandmore on ebay, so one of the patterns I need for Annabelle's first dress may be int here. I may work on her petticoat and pantalets this weekend, if I have time.
You may want to browse my Flickr album as I am involved with doing what is called A Doll a Day project for 365 days...Annabelle is featured in some of the photos. This group is more fun than some of the other project groups on flicker, who require dates on your pics, restrictions up the yazoo, so it isn't fun. Many people use the same doll in different poses every day, which is comical. I look at it as my thing I do every morning, and it helps me to focus more on my dolls, especially my fashion dolls.
A Quick Note on the Bespaq Bedroom suite:   This is no longer manufactured, and is sold out. Though I appreciate your kind comments, please do not ask me if I will sell this- I will not as it is part of my private collection, and I post pics for the enjoyment of everyone. I do sell 1:6 scale Bespaq, which you can find on my Ebay site Pumpkin Hill Studios & also my website King William Miniatures & Collectibles .
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