Friday, April 8, 2011

A is for Annabelle...continued

All has been quiet in the One Sixth Scale Dollhouse....and I have finished part of Annabelle's outfit from the book.."A is for Annabelle,' by Tasha Tudor. Here she is shown above beside my prototype Bespaq french tea table with a cup of tea (Rement, Luxury French series) on display with other pieces of Bespaq in large scale at a program I recently presented for the Capital Doll Club on April 5th, 2011. (See for more on this presentation, & more pics.) As you can see, I made her a chemisette from a pattern on French Fashion Doll review I printed off online, and her skirt was made with measurements & my own pattern. I also finished a petticoat, shortening the skirt pattern and adding some ruffled ribbon to help the skirt sit out. I now need to finish the top jacket with the sleeves Tasha drew for Annabelle on the flyleaf picture of the book, and also work on getting her a bonnet. I have stopped on this project so far since I have been working lately on the larger dolls in Pumpkin Hill who need my attention and have very active lives. Annabelle is my quiet little china angel, and sewing for her I try to achieve as much perfection as I can, for this little french fashion beauty.
I haven't done very much in the way of setting up the dollhouse, as I am unpacking alot of items that were moved from the shop, and the boxes containing the furniture are still packed up, though I took a few samples to the doll club presentation.  I am hoping to get along enough to get back to my sewing & design challenges for myself, especially from watching the Couture Doll Design challenge- it is amazing what some of the contestants did with ribbon! So am hoping to get some pictures of some scenes together, when I get a chance to set up some scenes- especially for Easter.

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