Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost ready for the move...

Well, the divas have moved out and the one sixth scale dollhouse (otherwise known as Maison de la Royale) is ready for moving. While we were at our shop, over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, the dollhouse graced our window and I was glad to say, gave a great deal of enjoyment to passersbys and children, young & old. The dolls had a good time being the divas & devos they are, and they enjoyed the attention.
This morning I went over to the shop early to move the furniture, since most of it is quite fragile, and rare. Hopefully now the dollhouse will be gracing the den and more adventures of the dolls will be coming soon. I hope during this transition tha tis so wacky to have time to take some photos of the individual pieces for a few photo shots, so everyone can see the detail on some of the pieces.
Happy Friday!~Lisa

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