Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Tag Games

Recently on Flicker, my friends have been 'tagging' me in what is referred to as 'tag' games. You post a photo, and 'tag' some friends, and they post a similar photo of a doll striking a pose doing similar poses, such as driving a car, or wearing a sweater, dolls outdoors, etc. 

Sometimes my friends get ahead of me and I have to play catch-up. But I love tag games and have an album dedicated to them. Here are some of the recent photos from those tag games. 

Wiggle Dress - Tag Games   Pillow Talk Poppy Parker wearing a wiggle dress. This game was post a doll wearing a 'wiggle' dress.

Redheads- Tag Games A group of my redheads . Three of my Victoire Roux dolls, two of my Poppy Parker dolls and my Coven 'Mabel' Doll. They all looked so good together, I secretly see a family of mothers, daughters , sisters and one old eccentric rich aunt family grouping here. 
This tag game was to post a photo of a Redheaded doll.

Tag Games- Blue Eyed Dolls  This one involved posting a doll with blue eyes. I used my Love, Life and Lace Agnes Von Weiss because she hadn't had much camera time and some of my dolls , frankly it was hard to see their eye color! I sometimes like these tag games because it really makes me notice details on the dolls that I never paid attention to, and her facial expression looks rather annoyed with me. lol . I guess that is why I like Agnes so much. She looks REAL.  

Note- if you click on the title underneath the picture, it will take you directly to my Flicker albums. 
Enjoy- and I hope if you have pics on Flicker or Snapchat you'll join in the fun. Even Facebook. 


Barb the Evil Genius said...

For my part, I don't like the annoyed or miffed faces on a lot of the Integrity dolls. I prefer serene, if not a smile. Of course, Integrity dolls aren't really in my budget right now either. But having teenagers in my house for the last eight years, I haven't had a shortage of annoyed faces anyway! :)

monstercrafts said...

Those "Tag Games" sound like something fun, but unfortunately, I don't have time for photo challenges. I love you pics.