Saturday, August 12, 2017

Custom 1:6 Sheldon Cooper

This is a custom figure/project I've been working on a while now. One of my favorite TV shows is the The Big Bang Theory and I have always wanted to re-create Leonard and Sheldon's living room/apartment, as well as Stuart's comic book store. 

But first, I've always wanted to re-create the custom characters, starting with Sheldon. The hardest part was finding a realistic artist sculpt, which I found, on Ebay. I also customized Amy from a Barbie Basics the look doll on a LIV doll body. 

So here he is. Dr. Sheldon Cooper, and his girlfriend, Amy Farrahfowler....

Amy has wanted to do something nice for Sheldon and give him one of his Star Trek/Star Wars model things, as she puts it.  He is needless to say, overjoyed. 

Sheldon's head and body, and entire outfit was sourced from Ebay. I used a Kumik body. Amy's outfit was a variety of Barbie pieces. The Star Wars model was from Target. 

I am pretty sure what dolls I will use for Penny and Bernadette but I am still looking for heads for Raj, Howard, Leonard and definitely Stuart, and Will Wheaton. I may have to go to Shapeways for those heads. 


Muff said...

That is so cool! You did a great job.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Muff!

D7ana said...

Congrats on the good job AND your new project. Sounds fun and I wish you joy and luck with it.