Saturday, August 5, 2017

New Loot from Walmart...

I went back to Walmart for more items today....and they had some new Fashionistas on the shelves, but no more on sale! :(  😡  But I really went there for their new $8.88 furniture sets anyway. 

Here are some of the new Fashionistas!

No. 68 I found the most lovely with the silver hair, it looks like she has the Aphrodite sculpt, I could be wrong. 

Here are the new sets I got. 

All of these are beach / camping related! The little ski-do, kayak and beach chair with umbrella are wonderful. Can't help but think they will go great with my vintage Malibu country camper and my handmade picnic table. 


Farrah Lily said...

Fun finds! I've finally found the new Fashionistas and so far I've gotten the redheaded Girl Power, Cactus Print, Camo Comeback Ken and the blue-haired tall gal. Today I picked the petite Kira one. They're really nice diversity wise, but I've definitely had to pick through and check eye screenings as a lot were really off.
I love all the camping themed stuff!

Muff said...

Argh! My Walmart still has the Fashionistas from the first wave. We are like 2 waves behind.

The grandmommy said...

I like the sets. Wondering what my Walmart has. hmmmm

Lisa Neault said...

I really really love that no. 68 myself, and will probably have to rebody her!. I have not yet joined barbie collector and I want the AA Baby doctor set, and the barbie scientist too, and the barbie nurses for my projected hospital. So I have alot of 'buying' to do. lol. I will need a Tan made to move barbie to rebody that no. 68 if I get her. She's going to be added as a new character in my little groupies. That redhead girl power is cute, too!