Friday, August 4, 2017

I can Be ..Baby Doctor Barbie...

They are clearing out old stock and slowly putting the new stock items from Mattel on my favorite nearby Walmart. This was the only one on the shelf at $18.88 . I usually do not grab these-- but this item was so cute I figured that they will go cute if nothing else, for the babies and the accessories for those diorama prop people who want cute babies or realistic scrubs for their dolls. 

Introducing...I can be.. Baby Doctor Barbie.. 

She comes with all these super cute accessories. A clipboard with a chart, bottles and jar. The rolling crib with the plastic cribs have a mobile with a tray for storage for blankets and towels. Barbie also has a pink stethoscope. She's also wearing sensible white sneakers/clog shoes like a real nurse. The babies are just cute. 

There are other sets that I'm going back to get too, a beach chair that will go with my new BBQ Grill that I haven't shown you yet, and a kayak! Those are only $8.88.  I am hoping to go back and pick those two up today. This set is though is really adorable for the babies alone, especially if you wanted to do a maternity ward. I may pick up another one. I have always wanted to do a hospital scene. 
All for now! Enjoy!


Farrah Lily said...

Hi Lisa,
I hope you were able to get them! I ended up getting that baby doctor one (both Caucasian and AA ones) for my daughters for Christmas and they LOVE them. The babies are very cute and posable. :) It's really cute set. :)

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Farrah Lily. I was hoping there was a AA one! Because having two nurses and two sets of babies would be great. I would love to do a hospital scene, Miranda Z with her recent hospital scene where Willow gets hurt has really inspired me.