Monday, April 10, 2017

Wonder Woman Barbie - Collector and Playline versions visited

Today I had to run by Walmart and had the mistake of going by the toy aisle as I always do. The new playline versions are out. They run in the $12.88-29.99 depending on what you get. Walmart has its own exclusive gift sets, as I imagine Target does as well. I purchased the Diana Princess of Amazons in the blue gown for $12.88 as I couldn't resist her. 

Here on one shelf they had the Wonder Woman in single paks, the Diana that I purchased, then the gifts sets, with the horses. One of them is the Queen Hippolyte, and the other is the Diana with the Steve Trevor, which is a Walmart exclusive. 

The boxes were beat up on some of these. I intend to go ahead and add all of them to my collection. I have seen someone put the doll I purchased on a made to move body, which looked good. I like her body, which is an action figure body. I may do that for dioramas, as I like her face. 

On the endcap of this shelf were the 'action' Wonder Woman' dolls, that if you push a button on the back of the box, the doll moves its shielf or bow. 

Then I got some closeups of the gift sets

Out of all the pics I took I could not get a good photo of WOnder Woman and her horse without all the glare. I got a far better photo of Queen Hippolyte and her horse than the Wonder Woman set. 

This is much better. 

I never purchased the Wonder Woman that came out earlier in 2016 with Batman and Superman, Battle for Justice at Barbie Collector. I am going to purchase them all later when funds are better. 

For refreshers, here are some photos of the dolls that came out when the movie debuted last year-

Each of these dolls retailed for 39.99 at Barbie Collector or select dealers. I have been slow in getting them because of other dolls on backorder. 

As I am a real Wonder Woman fan, and grew up watching the 70's TV cult classic show as a kid, it has started me looking at all the different Wonder Woman dolls. 

Mattel is coming out with new collector versions. These playline versions are NOT made by Mattel that I have just shown you, except for the ones debuted in 2016, based on the movie above. The playline versions I believe are by Hasbro. 

The new dolls coming out in April, on the 29th, are: Wonder Woman. Slightly different, has a long cape, which the first one didn't

General Antiope

Queen Hippolyte

From the news on the doll blogs I have been following, these are the three that will be debuted at Barbie Collector on the 29th this month. They will average anywhere from $40-50 so the rumor mill goes. 

Now for my playline Diana. 

The Graphics on the box are clear and concise and tell you what other dolls to shop for. It shows the action figure dolls and the plain, regular, Battle ready Wonder Woman doll. 

The doll is fastened to a cardboard insert with plastic staples. You will need scissors or an exacto knife to gently cut them from her gown and sword.

Remember that 'hidden sword sheath'? Well it's nothing more than a ribbon strap on the inside of the velcro stripping of her gown. The gown is very cheaply made, stretch material

Her boots are heavy gold plastic. They do allow her to stand by herself a little bit. 

She is on a very muscular action figure type of body, however I do like how realistic her hands are sculpted. 

Her hair is not bad either. I have seen someone take her head off this body and swap it out for a Made to Move Barbie body. I like her hair, though my doll's hair was going a little kerplooey . 

Overall, I am pleased with the playline version of the doll and while many other people on the collector scale do not like these versions, I think they are a nice addition to a comic book / superhero doll /action figure collection. Not all of us that collect dolls and action figures necessarily use the dolls as playline- they have great bones for dioramas. I see great potential - when was the last time female roman warrior dolls were produced with armour for under $30? And this doll with the roman style gown is too much to ask for with a price tag of $13. 

I have been meaning to post about these dolls here, and my visit to walmart prompted me to. Hopefully we will be able to bring the collector dolls home and do some closeups of them as well. 


Phyllis said...

I ended up getting most of the Wonder Woman line except for the Shield Block and Bow Wielding versions. I have rebodied all except for the Wonder Woman that came with the Wonder Woman/Steve Trevor pack and the Wonder Woman on the Black horse. I checked the bottom of the boxes they came in and it has Mattel listed as the manufacturer under the DC Comics Trademark license. I will be posting photos of these soon.

I too am very anxious to see the ones from the Barbie Collector site. These definitely look to be of higher quality costuming at least! Plus it looks like they have a variation of a MTM body, probably the same as the Batman vs Superman Wonder Woman. The DC Comics playline sets appear not to have a General Antiope and the Barbie Collector sets appear not to have a Steve Trevor. Sigh! I think I am going to have to sell something in order to pay for these! 😒🤔

Barb the Evil Genius said...

Partially because I'm pedantic, Princess Diana comes from a Greek, not Roman background. The doll costumes aren't detailed enough to be that different from a modern point of view though, I suppose. Your Wal-Mart has a much bigger and better Wonder Woman display than mine. I only saw the two dolls which wear her iconic uniform.

Lisa Neault said...

Phyllis, that is marvelous that you have purchased them all, except for those two. And reb0died them. Way to go. I am wondering if it is difficult to rebody these dolls.
Barb, excuse the faux pas on the armour . I am not that up on my Wonder Woman history. It's not often you come across dolls with this type of costuming at an affordable price, if you are into that era of diorama building. It should be fun with a little tweaking.