Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Va. Fashion Doll Club Meeting April 2017- Part ll Dioramas & OOAK Convention presentation

Part ll continues with the Va. Fashion Doll Club's Diorama 'Real' Families and Leslie's OOAK Convention presentation report. 

Let's start with the Real Families dioramas. One stipulation was each family had to have a child or children. I admit when I began my family I did not know this, lol. 

I'll begin with my family- the French royal family, Louis XVl and Marie Antoinette and their children, Marie Therese and Louis Joseph, the Dauphin. I won first place with this diorama. 

2nd place went to Janice, our Vice President , for the Crime of the Century, the Lindburgh family. 

3rd place went to Jodie for her version of Thomas Jefferson and his family and Sally Hemmings. 

Linda did President Trump and his family, a very good rendition.

Scarlett did a flashback to Tom Cruise when he was married to Katie Holmes and their daughter Siri

Laurie's was inspired by a book written by Gloria Vanderbilt and her son, Anderson Cooper 

Debbie our club President did the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and Princess Charlotte

Leslie used the famous TV Show family Jon &Kate Gosselin and their 8 Children

Barbara displayed how Kenye and Kim Kardarshian fly around the world with their daughter North-West...

those were the visual presentations, our slacker prize went to Nita who described her entry , lol. 

This diorama really had me sewing for a couple of weeks. Sometimes to finish a project you just need to have a focus and a deadline. Everyone at the meeting talked about how frenzied and flurried we were, even though we had a few weeks to do the project. 

Leslie, one of our members who lives in Northern Va. , had been invited to the OOAK Doll convention which was by invitation . She had a great time and brought her dolls and outfits and souvenirs from the convention. 

They were set up in Debbi's florida sunroom for the presentation.

The two main convention dolls were by Magia2000 and Ninimomo.

The convention was held in New York City and the convention attendees got to do alot of things like go to the famous garment district and see the famous stores 'Mood' and Trimmings that Project Runway uses, for their doll workshops. 

Some of the Ninimomo dolls that Leslie was able to purchase.

Paintbox designs-

workshop doll

Belissima Couture 

Centerpiece dolls

And that is pretty much my report. I had a ton of fun at the meeting and now am currently working on some other dolls. Pictures will be up soon when I am finished.  


Phyllis said...

I know how much work you put into your family and I am not surprised you won first place. Some very interesting entries by others! All the photos are beautiful. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Phyllis. I did alot of work on the set up and Louis and the Dauphin, I just needed a kick in thepants to finish them. In truth it was fun to see what the other ladies had put together, as they did alot of research. I was more caught up in the costuming and diorama part even though I love French history I get more carried away with the dolls! everyone else was giving an actual 'report' with notes, etc. and I was really giving more detailed notes on how I did this, what doll that was, and how I came about customizing Louis with this artist's help, etc. versus their time period in history, lol.
It was a fun meeting. We do alot of joking around, eating and just general laughter.

Farrah Lily said...

Looks like you have so much fun sharing your doll hobby with others! Your diorama came out so nice and congrats on getting first prize. I had to giggle at the Jon & Kate Plus 8...I used to love that show! That one OOAK Harley Ken doll is so handsome and I love the Ninimomo. Gorgeous dolls and photos!

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Farrah! I thought that Leslie's cute diorama with that show was hilarious as well. i LOVED how she set it up on a little base with greenery and the sign. And the dolls from Ninimomo were fabulous. While she was at that convention she and the other conventioneers got to see all kinds of stunning dolls. We have alot of fun at our meetings.