Friday, April 28, 2017

Birthday Celebrations...Loot! Day#2

Today started out normal enough, but then got hectic as the day wore on. Maybe because it got hot! Today was our first really hot day- it has rained all week. 

Day #2 of the Birthday week-end celebrations and some of my loot or booty has come home.  Champagne Poppy arrived and she is beautiful. I will try and de-box her tonight. 

First let's take a look at ALL of the loot assembled. 

Not the best picture of her...

Ever since I have seen clips of this movie, I have wanted it so bad. Now I want the dolls by Mattel. 

Have been waiting for this book to go on sale too...

And the Barbie Target sneakers!  Someone listed a link for them on theBarbie Collector board, so I just had to have a pair. Only now Target has them in the clearance aisle, but they are not on sale. They run $22.99

Target Barbie Sneakers   

You can order them online too. 

I will get more pics of Champagne Poppy later. I also purchased a cupcake pan, and some cake mixed with icing, as I am undecided what type of cake I want. I loved the strawberry cake at Easter, but might have both a cake and cupcakes this time around. We'll see.  More bacchanalia celebrations pics this weekend....


Phyllis said...

Looks like you are enjoying your birthday weekend celebration! Happy Birthday again!

Lisa Neault said...

Thanks Phyllis!