Wednesday, April 19, 2017

King of the Crystal Cave Ken

Well. He's finally here.  King of the Crystal Cave Ken, first male and fifth doll in the Faraway Forest series. (photos are not mine, downloaded from Barbie Collector)

King of the Crystal Cave Ken is available for order now HERE for $100 

Right now, he is on backorder until April 29, 2017. 

at  There is a special going on right now with orders for $100 with free shipping. 

The controversy surrounding this doll has been a little upsetting to collectors of the series. Collectors were patiently waiting for news from the designer at convention, since usually, new dolls are usually unveiled at Convention. We expected this doll to come in time for Christmas, actually. Still no news or sneaks. 
This year, we finally got some sneaks of his boots, armor, sword, and a blackened out silhouette. I checked back on the forum literally for weeks & going into months waiting for any news when this doll would be released so I could plan. I literally browsed into the thread on the forum and saw that collectors had two days- the 18th and 19th, this was referring to the Barbie Collector members- to order him before he was released to the public. I had not received the email until later that afternoon. Luckily, I had browsed the forum that morning. So I went ahead and ordered him, after reading the news from members on the forum who said they ordered and he was already 'backordered'. 

Mattel is strange. Why they for the life of me cannot just admit they are taking pre-orders is beyond me when they do not have the doll in hand, but they prefer to call it 'backorder'.  What is great is they do not charge you until the date prescribed on the date , so now I have two dolls from Barbie collector- Black & white Tweed Silkstone, and King of the Crystal Cave Ken both backordered until April 29th. There must be something magical about this date. Either, way, I am glad I am getting this doll. He will be here in time for a late birthday present for me. 

King of the Crystal Cave Ken comes with these specs:

  • Body Type: Articulated Muscular
  • Facial sculpt: Tango
  • Fashion Sewn On: Yes
  • Fashion: Sculpted armor, faux leather belt accents, cape
  • Accessories: Sword, crown
  • Doll Stand: Yes
  • Package Dimensions (H/D/W): 15.5“ x 3.3“x 9.5“

Many people are disappointed that his fashion is sewn on and he has a clenched fist, as they want to redress him. I think he looks really great, myself. So much better than monster high water sprite. I love the fact that his hair is rooted instead of molded, big plus. If it is possible to get another one to re-body and re-dress, that would be terrific, but not necessary. 

Can't wait for this doll to arrive and get really great pics of him with the Dark Queen and the Lady of the White Woods!


D7ana said...

Congrats on getting him, Lisa! He looks gorgeous.

He doesn't look like Tango Ken to me, but it's been some time since I've seen my Tango Ken. Shrug. I agree that it would be great to have a second CC Ken to redress.

Phyllis said...

I ordered him too! He does look good! I hadn't bought anything from TheBarbieCollector site in a while, so I still had my $30 coupon to use on him! I did order 2 to have to keep intact and one to redress. Can't wait for him to arrive.

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you D7ana. Phyllis, so glad you ordered him too.

I had not ordered anything for quite a while from Barbie collector myself either, probably since using my last coupon for Lt. Uhura or Spock last year! I have been waiting for this guy forever....I was really surprised they used the Tango sculpt, but it works.

After waiting so long, just glad I have one, I am going to wait to see if I'm thrilled with him before I buy a second. Ihave so many other dolls on preorder from the W Club and I'm really looking forward to the new Wonder Woman dolls too.