Thursday, March 3, 2016

Happy Hinamatsuri Day!

On the third day of the third month in Japan, girls have a Girls' day festival or celebrate Hinamatsuri. This is when ceremonial dolls are brought out and special foods are prepared. These dolls are not played with by the little girls but are handed down in the family. 

Re-ment made a wonderful set that I was able to get my hands on before it went sky high. I still use it each year. With all the craziness going on, I was unable to get over and get the Japanese family set up this year. So I'm going to share my photos from last year. 

I have another Japanese Barbie I had wanted to include in this line up. I had purchased her at a show and never deboxed her. Hopefully I can get her out of the box and get photos of her.

Little Ivy is still keeping the Japanese traditions over here in America and carefully helps her mother and aunt set up the display. Looks like they are almost finished...

After the display is set up, Ivy's mother prepares the table for the family. The little wooden goldfish plate set is something I purchased on a trip to New York when I was about 13 years old and we were walking through Chinatown.


                       Happy Hinamatsuri! Great books to read for this day-
                          Little Plum by Rumor Godden ~ It tells how Miss Happiness and Miss Flower celebrate the doll festival to welcome Little Plum, the neighbor doll . A really wonderful innovative book with ideas on how to create your own dolls' dolls for this display like Nona did with matches and toffee wrappers. 


The grandmommy said...

Thank you for sharing this special day! The scene is very nice and authentic looking. Does this mean the dolls could be hundreds or even thousands of years old if they have been passed down?

monstercrafts said...

Wow! What a set! I didn't know about the Hinamatsuri Day, it sounds quite interesting.

Lisa Neault said...

hi grandmommy. Yes they could. The sets were of the lords and ladies of the court, the emperor and empress, the musicians, the instruments, and the ceremonial furniture for the dolls and the flowers and the dogs. The steps are key to the display as are the color of the cloth, red, and the dolls would be packed away carefully. You can find hina dolls on ebay and they are usually now quite expensive as families sell them too.

The boys have a coming of age festival, or a boys festival as well. I don't know the name of that one, this one is always so much more interesting. There are also special foods for the Hina doll festival too.