Friday, March 4, 2016

New dolls added to Ebay listings...

I have added dolls on eBay listings HERE 

I had previously listed a load of dolls for people to contact me if they were interested. My blog is evidently not reaching enough people so I am taking the step to put these giftsets and dolls on Ebay with Buy it Nows and best offers. I also have added a few other less expensive things to the list. Right now as of today, 3/4/2016 there are 26 listings on ebay.

Today I listed these items-

BIN $220


Auction $220

Auctioin $149


Finally  Felicity's riding habit New in box at $79 . I knew I had this just found it in my closet this morning when I was going through my stash/hoard. It is amazing the amount of items we doll collectors buy and never take out of the box. 

and now for a small

P.S. I have some Best offers on the giftsets, but please be considerate. I have already turned away one ridiculous offer on the Airways Poppy giftset. I'm attempting to sell some items, but be aware people, I'm not desperate. It is amazing to me how if you mention you are going through a traumatic time and attempt to sell some dolly items to get some extra funds to cover expenses it seems like the buzzards come out to pick your bones...LOL... Just sayin'. While my husband has had a car accident, and yes I am selling alot of dolls, be aware I will sit on the dolls before I give them away people. 

This is not directed at everyone, just those who are the scalpers who wish to live off other's misery for fun and profit. I have hesitated to say this. But then I figured, what they h-e-double toothpicks. Not getting any younger! LOL...I know there are probably others who may have experienced this in one way or another. 

And now back to our shameless self promotion....

Hopefully I can get those photos today of the new doll I got at the doll show! It's snowing and I wanted to get the auctions and dolly advertising out of the way. 

Have a great Friday and dolly weekend- Lisa


Muff said...

Good luck on your sales and your husbands recovery.

I hear ya. Even when you are selling things for a quarter, people act like you should sell lower.

Lisa Neault said...

LOL... I know. I'm pretty reasonable, especially when I want to move stuff. I really don't mind giving people deals, either- to a point. But on an expensive doll, that's a whole another ballgame, I have to at least make my money back.