Monday, February 29, 2016

On Ebay now...

I have listed a great deal of dolls and items on eBay. Click HERE to view all of my listings in one place. 

Here are some pics as to what I have just listed today...

ITBE Spring 2012 seasons doll starting bid $50

OOMPH! ZING! and JOLT! all in the box purchased at GLOSS convention in 2014 starting at $65

Felicity's table and chairs starting at $90 starting bid

Pleasant company Felicity starting at $50

Pleasant Company Rose garden meet outfit with slip, shoes, cap, pocket (hard to find) purse with half apenny, ribbon, handkerchief, and hanger. Buy it now $140 or best offer, free shipping 

Felicity's Christmas ball gown starting bid $19.99

Pleasant company spring gown starting bid 9.99

Felicity's tea lesson gown, hat and shoes $45 starting bid

      Colonial Williamsburg cloak- fits Felicity and other 18 inch dolls
                   starting bid 9.99

1994 McDonald's playset starting at $10 bid has some major playtime. 

This McDonald's set has 10 pieces and is in better condition. $15 starting bid

Nude Bella and Nude Edward, each starting at 9.99 in seperate auctions.

I will be listing more dolls and other related items as I go through them, as well as more Barbie related items. So stay tuned for the above link to be updated as I clean out my doll and prop hoard. 

Most of this Sale frenzy is due to a need for extra funds as my husband was in a car accident last week and we may need some extra funds for expenses that were incurred in the accident. He was not injured but his truck was totaled and this has set us back on our budget. As we all know in the dolly world, life happens and I am parting with much loved items that are not played with but just displayed. The more expensive doll giftsets I would prefer to do privately and just invoice through paypal than do on ebay. 

Stay tuned and more items coming soon. Lisa


Barb the Evil Genius said...

Wow, I hope that your husband is doing well, and that you get a vehicle soon.

TM said...

I hope you and your husband are ok. Good luck on the ebay listings.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you both!

Phyllis said...

Sorry to hear about your husband's car accident. Glad he was not injured. Good luck with your doll sales!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Phyllis!!

Vanessa said...

Very happy to hear your husband wasn't hurt. Good luck with your sales. Lots of great items here.