Saturday, March 19, 2016

Faraway Forest Water Sprite!

Faraway Forest Water Sprite is finally here and I got around today to taking some out of the box pictures of her. As a Barbie Collector member, I had the oppurtunity to 'pre-order' her in a window from February 20-23, before the public did in a link on the Barbie collector forum, which I did. 

The information on this doll was very blurred. The first info I had was that her edition size was 4800, then, after I had purchased her, 5100.  On the pre-order, it said she would be backordered until March 15th, which I did not have a problem with, in fact that worked well with my finances. Pre-order to me means, March 15th OR around that time, in March, I will be charged, not in late February.  But like everything Mattel does, it is all wrong, and it will take them a while to get the nuances of what pre-order means and invoicing, and so forth. This is why I love Integrity toys. sigh. 

Water Sprite is well worth the wait and the headaches. I was afraid, very very afraid I had spent a lot of money on doll that was nothing more than playline Monster High. I was pleasantly surprised when she arrived. Like Haunted Beauty Zombie, her skin tone in stock photos will fool you. Depending on the background, her skin tone can turn a teal,can look more green than blue. It is hard to describe and hard to capture, which is why I chose white to focus all of her color on and let you decide for yourself. I wanted more greenery around her. 

I also included photos of her shoes here and her trident. She has such a beautiful face! Her hair is is a mixture of what appears to be almost mohair. I almost wish I had purchased that Mermaid Barbie a few years ago, to display with her. Her gown is lovely too. 

I am hoping to take more pics of her with Queen of the Dark Forest and de-box Lady of the WHite Woods to show them all together. I am so hooked on these dolls...I only wish I could acquire Forest elf. They are so lovely. ~Lisa


Romona Jennings said...

She is very tempting. What color is the Zombie Bride's skin in person?

Lisa Neault said...

Zombie bride is grey. Her stock photos like water sprite were awful, but when you see them in person, the dolls are simply stunning. I went on a gut feeling and purchased the doll. I figured if I really hated her, I could always sell them. Zombie is one of my all time favorite dolls- go figure!

Farrah Lily said...

Beautiful photos! It's nice to see her out of the box as I haven't taken mine out yet. I agree about how stunning she is in person. When I saw mine for the first time I was amazed at the detail and colors. She's a beauty! She is the only one I have of the Faraway Forest, even though they are all so beautiful.

Romona Jennings said...

White Woods, so far, is my favorite from this line. Bill Greening does not disappoint :).

Muff said...

From the photos I had seen before, she did remind me of the Monster High Mer girl. She look great in your pics though.

Lisa Neault said...

Romona, I have not yet deboxed white woods. That is next on my to-do list. I am afraid to do so because her dress is unfinished on the edges from the reviews I have seen, so am keeping her in the box for now.
Muff, I was deathly afraid of a monster high like quality. I know alot of folks are crazy about those ddolls, but I abhore them. From a diorama point of view they are too cartoonish/cutsey. Especially on the price point Mattel was charging- $100! But Haunted Beauty Zombie and Water Sprite were done very well, though water sprite did in fact make me pause- she did remind me of that monster high doll so I took a leap of faith. When you de-box her, nothing monster high about her. Just wish she were articulated- and monster high dolls are articulated!!

monstercrafts said...

The doll is really beautiful, I really like her colour scheme. Also, I fount the "But like everything Mattel does, it is all wrong" comment very funny. Sometimes it's so hard for Mattel to get the simplest things right!