Saturday, February 6, 2016

Barbie's First Dreamhouse....

She has had alot of homes since 1960, but this cardboard haven still is the first one for Barbie. My aunt had this dreamhouse and I remember playing Barbie with her when she would get off the bus from high school. She was about 16 years old, I was about 5 years old, possibly 4. 

I recently purchased this item from one of the ladies in the Barbie club, Linda, who has two of them. It has some rough areas on the exterior but the handle is intact, which is highly unusual for its age. It's older than me! I got it for $20! Plus it had the cardboard furniture in it too, which needs a little stabilizing on the legs. The graphics on the interior are really nice and still bright, only a few spots on the wall in the corner and on the floor. 

I did not have one of my vintage dolls with my so Reigning Grace will have to do, since I was taking this item to my storage unit workshop to set it up and take pics and store it for further play. I think it will make a great apartment for one of the Poppy Parkers in my storyline I want to revitalize. I remember that Mary Ann Roy of Welcome Home redid one of these vintage homes for Ken and it looked really cute. I have some similar ideas with some mod accessories to update this for diorama stories.  I also picked up Ryan and Cindy (Dreamteen Poppy Parker) and some much needed clothing to change them into. Hopefully today I can get some pics of Ryan and Poppy back together again. 
All for now, enjoy the pics!~Lisa

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