Saturday, December 26, 2015

My Christmas Present and a new doll- Silkstone Boucle Beauty!

Christmas day was wonderful. My dad visited early and we had dinner around 11:30 am with a simple but non-traditional meal- a roast beef, mashed potatoes & gravy, dressing, green beans, & rolls, then fruit cake and pie with tea. Nothing over the top or difficult, since it is the three of us and a turkey takes up so much time to cook. My dad, since my mother passed away, also visits with their friends on Christmas and usually has a breakfast with them in the morning so a great deal of food is not what is wants. 

My husband wanted to surprise me so with the weather being so balmy & warm we hopped in the car and were on our way to Williamsburg for the rest of the day after my dad left! It was so much fun. We live in King William county which is about 35 minutes away and a short drive. I have always wanted to spend the holiday of Christmas in Williamsburg, my all time favorite place, which is known for its historic decorations. I finally got to! We walked all over. We did not go out to eat anywhere, having just had an early dinner but just took some sodas with us and my camera of course. 

Here are my pictures-

The Governor's Palace...

Horses and can take a coach or a carriage ride in Williamsburg with costumed re-enactors who give you the skinny on living in Williamsburg back in the day....

A beautiful house with a small herbal maze/garden in front of it...

The historic church, I forgot to get the name of it. This church is famed for its ecoistics. I have been in it years ago. 

These are the colonial buildings behind the Wythe house. Wythe was a friend of Jefferson's. These are the kitchens, smokehouse, well, icehouse, and so on. 

And now, for a silly selfie of me and Chris. He took this quickly before I could blink, which I think I did! lol...

My hair is simply limp from the humidity- it was 80 degrees! My husband with his quirky sense of humor was wearing his Hawaiian shirt since it was hot on Christmas! I was thrilled it wasn't snowing and cold. I have been wanting a tropical Christmas like...forever...! So we had a great Christmas and saw so much, it was truly the most wonderful gift I had ever had. 

Now onto Boucle Beauty- who arrived today! 
I got her with my last reward and free shipping from Barbie Collector. And she was on sale. I was glad. Personally, I have had it with Barbie Collector and their BS Games.  The only reason I am planning on joining again is not for the oh-so-generous rewards but for the Faraway Forest series and the articulated silkies nest year.  The Toki Doki scavenger hunt, Platinum stunts with the waiting room which turns out to be an admitted lottery is for the birds.  Enough already. 
*rant over* giggle.....

She very much has that Chanel look especially with the bow at her neck and the pearls and chains but needs more like In the Pink, who I have took a side by side photo of with her. They go together quite well. Especially those spectator pumps. Boucle has a pale skinttone which I believe is the Peace skintone and her hair has shades of different blonde- even grey running through it to match that suit. Very dazzling and makes her look matronly and like the Ladies who Lunch. I just wish they had given her a PURSE! Instead she got sunglasses. I didnt' put them on her. It just seemed odd to give this doll sunglasses and no purse. I have the perfect Integrity purse I can put with this doll, but still. 

 But if you are a Silkie collector, I highly recommend her. She is going to be so perfect for one of my perpetual shoppers in LaBelle's!

I still haven't de-boxed the other two dolls I received for Christmas- IT Airways Poppy Giftset and Tonner Moonlit Romance! So MORE dolls to de-box and show here. 

Thank you for following the blog, and hope you enjoyed the pics!~Lisa 


Farrah Lily said...

Merry Christmas, Lisa! So great to "see" you! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I think it's always so fun to do something different on Christmas as the same thing year after year can get a little stagnant. One year (before I was married) I went to visit my sister in Boston for Christmas Eve and Christmas and it was so fun and different!
I can't believe how warm it was was about 70 deg here in Upstate NY. The same temp it was on the 4th of July!
Congrats on your beautiful new doll. :)

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Farrah! I was definitely not at my best that day, my other half snapped that selfie extremely quick before I could protest! It was funny because I think I stood there taking about 5 selfies , feeling foolish - there were other people standing all around doing 'selfies' in front of the governor's palace so I was in good company! LOL!
We enjoyed it so much we have decided to try something 'new' next Christmas even if it is cold. I loved the warm weather and personally wanted a warm Christmas, I hate snow. The only thing I was missing was being down at the beach, :) . So maybe next year I might get a nautical Christmas!

Boucle Beauty is lovely, isn't she? I was looking at pics of Coco Chanel on Pinterest this morning and the outfits are spot on!