Thursday, December 24, 2015

Day 3- Dolly Advent Christmas Countdown ...Stage Presence Veronique

I'm a day late on posting my dolly box openings. This should have been posted yesterday but I was racing about getting some last minute things done. I should say I was being good, shopping for gifts for long lost relatives, buying ingredients for my baking of cookies, last minute Hallmark cards, etc, etc. but I'm not lie. ....I wasn't doing any of that shit. I shopped for myself. 

Ok sorry for the expletive. But I was having fun just wandering around without all the pressure from past Christmases when I had to do all that. This Christmas there is no hustle and bustle, and my husband and I get to do what WE want to do with a freedom that we haven't had in years. I did pickup some much needed items, a card for my dad that I usually put money in, he loves that, since he is on a fixed income...and candy, which everyone loves. Yes I did go to the Hallmark store for those cute little Santa ornament cups that everyone has been showing off with their dolls. And Beau, the Elf on the Shelf, got a new jacket. 

But back to my dolly opening! I opened Stage Presence Veronique. She was a W CLUB Luncheon doll. This bowled me over - I thought for sure when I saw the pics of this doll, no way, she's going to go for alot and decided to look from afar. I noticed she wasn't going for as much as previous luncheon dolls, which surprised me. To me, this doll was an out and out stunning lady. In fact, she is my favorite doll of the year, topping the Poppys. She oozes Jean Harlow. The only thing I would have done is given her Sparkle Sparkle Poppy Parker's fur. I will probably end up getting her a real mink off of ebay. She's that classy. 

And here she is with the rest of the ladies dressed up for the holidays...

I hope you've enjoyed the pictures! And a Merry Christmas to you! Thank you for reading my blog!

P.S. I will pick up again with another blog post today but will not be posting more box openings on the other two dolls I'm getting for Christmas until after the holidays are over...So after today's two blog posts, I will have more pictures on the remaining two dolls, that have yet to be opened! Merry Christmas, Lisa

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