Thursday, December 3, 2015

A tree for the Gothic Mansion...

After fruitless attempts at locating a tree for the Gothic mansion that resembled a tree in the one from Downtown Abbey that was so impressive-where it touched the upper balconey, I finally decided on one I already had.  I had purchased this tree with others from the Christmas Mouse in Williamsburg two or three years ago for my Nativity pageant scenes in 2012, scroll back in the archives for the Best Christmas pageant ever. This is my biggest tree and it works very well. I got the little lights from Dollar General. I had originally purchased two of them but the 2nd set turned out to be multi colored and I wanted white lights to reflect on the red brocade wallpaper. 

Here are Agnes and Eugenia decorating the huge tree.

In this last photo you can see the entire height of the tree...

These were taken with my phone so were not the best pics. I have the tree off to the side a bit and its tip top reaches through the center of where the stair railing should be on the 2nd floor and you can see the front door.  It might be more impressive behind the columns and with the staircase coming down behind it when I get the 2nd half of the mansion done with the stairs for Christmas and that railing done upstairs decorated with garland. 

Not to mention- I just began work on YET ANOTHER STRUCTURE- Santa's Candy Factory! How crazy is that?? Yes, I am on a roll... LOL. 

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