Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas shopping at LaBelle's boutique...

Today I stayed in as it was cold, drizzly, and pouring down rain. A real miserable day. I caught up on some paperwork but also on decorating LaBelle's boutique for Christmas and got some quick photos. The shoppers are out. 

I also worked on some Christmas cakes for the Santa's candy workshop/bakery. I will have more photos on that later. 

I used the Barbie look red evening Oscar gown in the window and a glitter Christmas tree. You can't see it but to the left is another clear plastic tree with ornaments on it and presents on the Bespaq table. 

I had to keep the props simple because LaBelle's has three large props in it already- the Barbie wardrobe, the Bespaq armoire and the Bespaq curio which holds all of LaBelle's inventory of jewelry. Plus two or three mannequins, two tables at the door with floral arrangements and nail polish displays, and the stage where I have a Christmas tree lit up. It is a large structure but hard to move items around carefully.  (Don't forget to click on the pics to enlarge them so you can see them better.)


Jaye said...

LaBelle's is wonderful. I love your displays.

Smaller Places said...

LaBelle's is gorgeous! So very uptown.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you! I want very much to do a shop for Ken, a fashionable tailor after I saw some of the pics of the displays this year from Kenvention. Something along the lines of what Abercrombie and Fitch might have been for gentlemen in the 1800's, not a trendy teen shop. I will probably come upwith my own name for it. My problem is I am running out of room for my displays! LOL. I am already working on the Gothic mansion- luckily it can be disassembled. And Santa's candy shop. I simply adore shops.