Monday, December 21, 2015

A Dolly Advent Countdown to Christmas....Day 1..

I didn't quite know what I wanted for Christmas. Mostly , every year I feel blessed, but I want what every doll collector wants-DOLLS! So I decided to save up whatever dolls I purchased on sales, lotteries, etc. and that I would have a 'Dolly Advent' opening countdown, saving the most wanted doll for opening on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. 

So I chose Five dolls, purchased from sales, lotteries of the W club and the Tonner warehouse sale. My Tonner Moonlit Romance Deja Vu Anne de Leger, a gift from my wonderful husband, arrived today. Every time he goes online, he knows just what to get me!(snicker= I usually purchase my gifts myself, because the poor dear asks me what I want, -dolls..and then asks me to buy it as he does not know which doll is which. We joke when the box arrived today that he got an incredible deal, and it arrived just in time for Christmas. I love to see the smile on his face when we do this. ) 

Below is my loot.

So the three dolls to the left are Sparkle, Sparkle Poppy Parker. from the Cinematic convention collection; Idol WOrship Kyori Sato, also from the convention collection, and Stage Presence Veronique Perrin, a W CLub luncheon centerpiece doll. I had also purchased CI Style lab homme outfits, Sterling Riese and the Marilyn Monroe look alike CI doll, but had already opened them. 

Then there was the Airways Poppy Parker giftset I won on the lottery chance, and I am saving that to open too. She might be opened Before Christmas. 

Finally, there is the Tonner Deja Vu Moonlit Romance. I got her on the warehouse sale at 60% off. There was another Anne de Leger as well. The convention Tonner in this line is lovely and I am still trying to acquire her. I love the 18th century Marie Antoinette look and these dolls are just breath taking. So Ann may be a Christmas day doll. 

Today, I opened Sparkle, Sparkle, Poppy. I probably will not re-dress her. I actually traded Ace McFly with Karon, my doll buddy as I won him in the lottery and Karon and put in the lottery for this doll and tried for Ace but didn't get him. I am glad I traded with her, as this doll is lovely. This will be one of my Poppys that does not get re-dressed. 

Here she is in some silver and Gold Christmas photos!

 Stay tuned tomorrow to see which doll I open next! Lisa


Farrah Lily said...

What a really fun idea!! Your Poppy is stunning and I wouldn't want to redress her either! Her hair is amazing. I can't which one you open next! :)

Lisa Neault said...

I saw someone else do this and thought it was a cool idea. I like to savor the details of a doll and I have so many I haven't opened, this way it is like Christmas every day.

Some of my Poppys stay in their original clothing. Joyous celebration, Happy HOlidays, are two that were in evening gowns as well and since she is a convention doll, I will probably keep her in her convention gown- I have so many that I can redress.

I'm trying to decide whether to open Kyori or the other Poppy giftset today!