Friday, October 23, 2015

Three Walls come together....

Today there will be two posts, as tomorrow I will be busy and won't be doing any building. Tomorrow is also the Witches' Tea, so I am going to be posting that post today. But, first, the third wall on the Gothic Mansion went up today! I also did some exterior tree placement as well.

Today in order to add this third wall, I had to also add another five foot table on the other side. That's how big this baby is! I also did some playing around with the PVC pillars and the roof of the veranda and decided it might look better flat versus slanted. More imposing. I had this twig branch trellis I purchased years ago in Williamsburg at the Pottery when it was the good pottery not the overpriced pottery like it is now. The other two trees are courtesy free foraging in my front yard when the storms hit and I decided these branches would make great 1/6 scale trees. I need to take more time away from the workshop to get more dead branches and vines for this diorama, to make the mansion look real on the exterior. 

I also worked on the curtains, but had ONE gluestick left in my gluegun. It worked. I will pick up some more on a Michael's run. The one day you need them, the dollar store doesn't sell them!headsmack!

Right here they are draped and and glued. When I get more glue sticks I will do a better job. 

Now that I have the three walls up, I can get a much better idea of how the 2nd set with the stairs will get constructed. I have a cool prop on its way that will help with the 2nd part of the mansion's construction so in the meantime I can work on exterior landscaping and fun photos and maybe take pics of a Halloween party. Right now the Witches' Tea will be in progress tomorrow! 

Enjoy the pictures!~Lisa


D7ana said...

Wow! I like the set up as it is. I bet it will be even better when you're done. Very good Gothic vibe you have there.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

I can't wait for more Lisa, is coming out beautifully!

Lisa Neault said...

lol...Glad you like it! Building this has helped me stop pouting over not being able to afford to attend the Fashion Royalty convention- it was just way too expensive for me on the West coast and business was too busy this time of year. Maybe if they have it on the East coast I can go again next year with my doll buddy Karon. The dolls are wonderful. Still pouting. lol.

I have figured out a way to do a faux upstairs. It is way too dark and I'm going to need alot of lights to light this diorama up. So today I am going to spend foraging for more trees on the exterior and some supplies I need for that.

Betty said...

Are you talking about the Williamsburg Pottery Factory? I still have a huge pot in the backyard that I bought there when we lived in Virginia in the 1970's. Sorry to hear it's changed. It used to be so much fun.