Wednesday, October 28, 2015

2nd Floor Progress....

I have had a long busy weekend and the week has been busy with no time to work on this project until today. I made alot of headway on the 2nd floor. 

First let me say that the 2nd floor is meant for illusion,  maybe to hold one doll at the window, or at the stairs, maybe a chair, but simply for the illusion of a second floor .  This in all actuality, is not a dollhouse per se, but a miniature set in 1:6 scale, a diorama. Though huge, it is basically pinned together. To me, though as most of the miniature artists I know say, 'wood is good' wood is friggin' heavy! I can only imagine how heavy this monster would be if I had built it out of 1/2 inch birch ply. Ughh. Most guilded artists I know would consider the materials I'm working with, foamcore, foam insulation, pins, - utter crap to be honest. But that is the art of it. And the fun!

So let's get on with the pics. 

Here it is with some very glarified pics with the floor pinned in. I have columns that will be cut down and spray painted that will go underneath. Set B with the stairs will come up the back.  The chandelier wiill possibly somehow be suspended between the floor, and railings will go around that. Lots of work to do. 

Gathered some more tree branches for bare limbed trees and have some plans for them. Sorry this is such a lackluster post without more progress, but have lots to do before I can move to the next step of the diorama. Hope you enjoyed it!Lisa


Betty said...

If you hadn't said anything I would never have known. I think using foamcore is a great idea. I'd love to try that someday. What do you use foam insulation for? I haven't been online much lately and I'm way behind reading blogs. I'll have to go back and see what you've been doing. Looks great to me!

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Betty. Foam Insulation comes in huge sheets 4 ft by 8 ft from Home depot and is usually pink- it is what you use to insulate your house with! It when carved with a dremel makes great stone walls and when spray painted lightly, resembles stone. The spray paint eats it and it , well looks like the texture of stone blocks. or smooth stone walls of a castle. Lots of action figure guys use it.

I originally started in the 1:12 scale dollhouse world, custom building for clients when I had a dollhouse shop but got into designing for 1:6 and never looked back, as I find it more of a challenge. I closed my business last year on Ebay and my website this year. I used to have a huge 1:12 scale collection and while I occasionally do some things with it, it just isn't my thing since I am so into the dolls now. In that scale, those miniaturists usually dislike dolls in their scenes, at least most of the ones I have run into. They like to create the illusion someone has left the room. With me, I want the scene to be everychanging, and the doll to be everchanging like real life, like a movie set, so I think that is why 1:6 appeals to me. Most 1:12 scale people make stuff to be 'one' way and it has to be made of the finest veneer woods, perfectly scaled this, and so on. With 1:6 scale you have to be a little more inventive, ingenious because there is not so much of the 'ready made' or readily available out there as there is for 1:12 scale so therefore, the more realistic it has to be since it is a larger scale and the more challenging.