Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haunted Beauty Zombie Barbie...the last in the series

She finally arrived today! After having the most hectic day in the last three weeks of work, work and more work and not very much time for dolls, she brought a smile to my face.

Haunted Beauty  Zombie Barbie. This doll is the last in the Haunted Beauty series of four dolls- Ghost, Vampire, Mistress of the Manor, and now Zombie. Many people did not like the photos they saw when they debuted. I know I did not- they were ugly, and looked thrown together, like...ho hum it's the last one, darling they'll buy anything. Her skin tone is grey, the dress is a muted pink/grey and will change color depending on your background. So be careful with your lighting- I recommend natural light all the way. It looks spectacular on that grey skin, grey hair, and eyes with those pink/red lips. Pretty awesome. Otherwise, just auto adjust your pics. 

The dress is very nicely and well made and there is alot of tulle on the veil which I didn't expect. Her flowers are scimpy but I guess you'd expect that from a zombie. My doll was fastened into her box with superglue and extra strength ties, so don't be shy about using some strength to get her out of that box! She poses nicely. Expect her to have a little crazed look in her eyes, but hey, all zombies are crazed with hunger, right? 



billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, thanks for sharing. I think this is a beautiful doll, she's got a lot of personality. Hope you're working on something for Halloween, I love your projects!

monstercrafts said...

She is just gorgeous! I'm not crazy about the wedding dress, but I really like her face

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Billa. I've been wanting to do a very cool halloween diorama. My biggest problem lately for the last few weeks is time from the business. I have been swamped with paperwork, morning noon and night and then meetings. I work in my husband's business, LeoPaul & Associates now, which is a commercial boiler company and it is busy busy busy.

Monstercrafts, the bridal gown is very well done- I would say you could even take it off her and use it on another doll. I have thought of some cool scenes for her , but my task now is to find time to build the diorama, lol. I am hoping to be able to accomplish that soon!

Anonymous said...

So...is she's worth the price? I would like to buy her as my first adult collection?