Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Convention Upgrade Reigning Grace Eugenia has arrived...

This year, non-attendees to the W Club convention who are members of the W Club were given the (rare) oppurtunity to purchase a convention doll. The production was to be determined by the amount of people who pre-ordered the doll. Since the membership is over 1000 now, not so exclusive anymore. But she is one that they hit it out of the park with. 

It might be a little biased on my part. But I think the W club likes the West Coast alot more than they like the East Coast. The dolls they do for those conventions are just astonishing. Last year in 2014 it was 70's, polyester nightmares, and well, scalper hysterics with the dolls being held up in customs, if your sole intention was to go to convention and turn and around sell on ebay as soon as you take a picture in the sales room like I saw last year. Yeah, they do that. By the time I got my registration doll they were up on ebay for $150 and higher. (Ok, convention rant over now. lol) 

But back to this gorgeous, lovely doll. 

About this Exclusive Convention Upgrade Doll
Item # 91385
Reigning Grace
Eugenia Perrin Frost Dressed Doll
The Fashion Royalty® Collection
2015 Cinematic Convention Upgrade
Limited Edition Size: TBA
Delivery Date: Approximately Late October 2015
Special Pricing:
Convention Attendees: $125.00 (pick-up or shipping options will be offered with final payment)*
Non-Attendees (W Club Members only): $150.00 + shipping*

Yes, if you didn't attend convention, the dollies are $25 bucks extra plus shipping. :(

This year's convention is held in Long Beach, California and is called
Cinematic. It was already sold out long before they gave us the oppurtunity to buy the doll in April - I think this convention sold out in four to five hours. I won't be attending, far too expensive on travel fare. 

So onto the photos!

In this black dress, Eugenia reminds me so much of Princess Grace of Monaco it is really unbelievable. That cool Grace Kelly look /style. I know the dolls will just be out of the park. Gloss convention sucked on the 70's - they were still selling convention dolls on the website long after the convention was over with. Some of the centerpiece dolls do not go for retail price from that convention. I really really wish that the W Club would give a non-member attending package of dolls to those that cannot attend the convention. Since we are already paying through the nose $50 PLUS for the registration dolls it would really let them make more money. 

I thought she did elegant Halloween really well in this and it gives me an idea of staging for a grand Halloween party in the haunted mansion once I finish it. Today I purchased spray paint and I am on the fence about how to construct the second floor and the staircase placement. So I am working on those details. I am really taking my time as this has long been a project I have wanted to do so I want to do 'Elegant Halloween' versus tacky Halloween as one of my designer buddies Tony used to call it. He owned the shop next to mine and was always a great ear to bounce ideas off of- and he loved 'Elegant Halloween' versus tacky Halloween' . LOL. ...We both did. He and his cousin owned the shop Feathernesters next to my shop when I had King William Miniatures & Collectibles open to the public. They are closed now too and have moved onto new ventures in the design field as have I in the doll & miniature field. 

So Eugenia embodies the pale, ghostly hostess of a haunted mansion, don't you think? Hiding secrets, or skeletons in the closet, or things that go bump in the night....I really like how this shoot turned out, done so quick. The book and dripping candles are from Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor, the bloody Mary glass is from Monaco Vanessa? I think, and the gargoyle statue is from a souvenir shop at the regal estate of Biltmore in Asheville, NC. The table is Bespaq that I repaired and repainted black lacquer and added some halloween spider webbing to. The black Dracula chair is a W Club limited edition chair that my friend Karon Montague gave me as a gift and I treasure so much- I have four of the red ones too. The little pumpkins are from a gourd package from Michael's, and the chandelier is a locker chandelier from Hobby Lobby. 
Enjoy- Lisa


Phyllis said...

I just got my Reigning Grace Eugenia too! She is lovely -- I agree with you about letting W Club members be able to buy a convention package of sorts to be able to get some of the dolls from the convention. That would be really nice! Someday, I hope to go to a convention, but I am not holding my breath waiting!

Can't wait to see what you do for your haunted mansion!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Phyllis!
I have never been to a Barbie convention- which from my doll club members is amazing from all the swag you get- alot more than FR Convention. My first FR Convention there were people bitching nonstop because the dolls got held up in customs- not Integrity's fault who did a wonderful job on the hotel, food, etc. It was some of the hard core attendees who were the regulars who were atrocious. Not friendly and stuck in their own little cliques. It was evident to me they were buying multiples to turn around for quick money without being a dealer.

Betty said...

Beautiful doll. I thought Grace Kelly right away too. What's a W Convention?