Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lady of the White Woods has arrived!

My Lady of the White Woods has arrived and she is gorgeous! I would have posted photos yesterday, but had already blogged yesterday. So decided to take a close look of her before posting. 

There is a very good video review of her by Mike N' Elio I highly recommend. They do an indepth review that is critical, but honest. I agree with them on her dress. I haven't deboxed her so I cannot say as of yet on the hem of mine or her sleeves as they vary from doll to doll. My husband enjoyed the details of the review they gave down to the packaging which he felt was important if a person was buying for a collector and was uninformed about collector dolls like himself. Her accessories are lovely but when I saw they were held on by rubber bands- wow. $100 and ...this leaves me speechless. The clothing does come off so you can put this outfit on another doll and Mike n' Elio have shown this outfit and Forest Elf's on Fashion Royalty dolls which makes them look...STUNNING. So just a heads up if you are into redressing. No onto my photos.
I have kept my doll in the box for right now with the dis-array of my doll room and the current extreme kitbash project going on for this doll right now, I don't want her outfit damaged. She is so lovely. Many people have bashed this doll for her eye makeup but don't be put off by her. Her soulful sad look is what attracted me to her. I am so fed up with dolls that look overly joyful and sappy looking that the novelty of realism really grabs me on this one. 

The box is done in a very soft blue color to accent her outfit, if you plan to just display her in the box you will have an excellent display. I am halfway tempted to buy another one with the sale going on but right now funds are tight and I just cannot afford it. One to keep in the box and one to play with, :). 


Many of you have asked about when I will begin my photostories. They began about June 2012 Here with Poppy and Ryan. When those stories began, Ryan was a Barbie Basics Model Ken with no articulation but I am thinking of switching him over to a Cheerleader Ken with the Harley Ken body for more articulation.  I have more characters, to add to the story, & if you remember, this is where we left off with Popy & Ryan engaged, Poppy thinking of opening a shop with Cindy, and Ryan thinking of turning the McDonald's diner into a 'real' restuarant.  Below are some of the links to the photo stories. 

I back tracked through four or five years and didn't realized how sporadic I had been. It has taken me a while to realize how much King WIlliam Miniatures & my Ebay store Pumpkin Hill Studios as well as my husband's business LeoPaul and Associates took up so much of my time as well as my charity work with the Shriner's children's hospitals as well as creating the miniatures that I so love to do. Then sleep, eat, wash clothes and all that boring housework stuff. (Maybe that is why my house looks like a cyclone and I live in the garage office and the dollroom, lol) Have internet will travel. I can honestly say since I closed my Ebay store I have had more time to devote to projects that I have long wanted to do for myself. Most weekends were spent with every spare moment packing and processing orders and fitting in going to UPS or USPS with other errands such as grocery shopping, picking up parts for hubby at suppliers, visiting clients, dropping off parts, etc. I was literally running two businesses from a minivan with my cell phone and a laptop. I still do it but now I have devoted myself just to hubby's business, it is alot less hectic without the stress of the Ebay business. Going back through my blog posts made me realize how much I have missed doing my photostories. 

Yesterday I did a wonderful Tag game called 'Dolls in the Snow' and decided to try out Poppy with Cheerleader Ken who will become Ryan McDonald It was snowing and the perfect photo op. So tell me if you think they look good together. 

 The 2nd photo is the one I used in the tag game and is my favorite, they look so good together there. I am beginning to go through clothing and figure out wedding attire and see what type of wedding it would be. I have a pattern that would work for her that I just bought and I think Poppy would want to wear her mother's gown from the 60's. I really wish now I had not sold my vintage fashion shop.  As you can see I already have a ton of ideas floating around in my head for stories. I hope you will follow along and I want to thank everyone for kicking me in the patootie and encouraging me to start them again. The planning is fun & if I take it slow I think I will turn out a good storyline like I did last time. I do know Poppy and Ryan are traditional type of dolls, and they want their family about them. They definitely want a church ceremony with their friends around them. Maybe small, so that might not be what Poppy's mother might like! 

Well, all for now!~Lisa


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, Lady of the White Woods is beautiful, I still have to check the video review, but your pictures really do her justice. I too love her sad look, she's very sweet.
Now I'm going to check all your past photostories, the new couple look stunning, can't wait to see more (I want more of the Baroness&Family, you know....)
Kisses Billa

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like your White Woods. She is fabulous. Nice pics. Keep in touch

Farrah Lily said...

Wow, what a stunning doll...her face is gorgeous and her outfit is incredible!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you all! Just so everyone knows, the video review is by Mike n'Elio. These guys do really in depth video reviews and they are really good.
So glad you want more of the Baroness and her expoloits! I had the photostories all over the place- no rhyme or reason or in any order very spread out. So I thought putting them in one post with updated status on where I am planning the progress would be good. That way maybe a photostory to get the juices started and get the characters back on track, Poppy and Ryan back into the swing of meeting their families, and so on.

Phyllis said...

I am happy that you will get back to doing your Photostories. I do remember the engagement of Poppy and Ryan, the MacDonald's restaurant and much more, but I will probably go back and refresh my memory a bit. Your Lady of the White Woods in beautiful. I almost ordered her, but figured I had kind of overshot my doll budget too much in the end of 2014 and beginning of 2015 so it was time to exercise some restraint!

Lisa Neault said...

Phyllis, there are about 7700 on this one and I think Mike and Elio are right on this one, she won't move fast. She is not included on the 20% off sale this time, but I used my $20 reward and if you wait for a free shipping reward- you can google it, but you have to spend over $75 to get it. I forgot the code. You've only spent $80 on her then. I spent 90.95 on her with shipping because I didn't have the code.
I do want to do the photostories again, and perhaps like Vanessa did, include other people's dolls attending too, with pictures of their dolls getting readyin their wedding attire. That would be fun.