Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Doll inventory & photo stories...

Been doing some much needed inventory on the dolls for the photostories that I want to do. Boy it is a good thing I did, as some of the dolls I have packed away and I cannot find! Poppy's dad, Roger Sterling, Silkstone Mad Men, is missing as is Mad Men Pete Draper. Cannot find either of those Kens. Anywhere in my doll tubs. This worries me as I have checked all possible places I would have placed them. It is as if those two dolls decided to get up and walk away for an adventure! 

I also decided on looking at Hannah, Ryan and Ricky's sister, to change her to another doll. Here is the doll I previously used for Hannah, some playline doll I used before. 

I originally chose her for what reason I don't know, probably because she looked cheerful, and similar to the original Ryan and Ricky, who was a HIgh School Musical doll. But her head and body are large, she isn't articulated, and clothing choices are limited for her. I have decided that the dolls need to be interchangeable in their clothing and shoes as much as possible. So Spicey in Spain Poppy Parker will be the new Hannah McDonald, Ryan & Ricky's Sister.

I also had some time to look at the dolls for who would be flower girls, ring bearer, etc. I know Poppy's younger sister Skipper will be the flower girl. Which got me to thinking...Why not use the new 50th anniversary Skipper I purchased this past year ?

What my original idea had been to do on the bridesmaids was to use the Silkstone blue dress that came with a dress form. On second thought I thought why not buy a Betty Draper dress and get little pillbox hats with veils in blue( I could probably create these myself) for an elegant 60's look) the little Nellie mini American Girl in the little white dress with blue sash and blue bow in her hair would make an adorable little flower girl and the Tommy in striped overalls I thought might make an adorable ringbearer with a white blouse and straw hat with a sailor theme to accompany Skipper. Poppy's sister would wear Betty's dress, I may not be able to get another one so she may have only one bridesmaid. 
I am currently looking on ebay for her bridal gown and have found a couple I like, though I may end up making one. It is fun to shop for them. 
So the fun part now, since I cannot find Roger Sterling, the doll designated for Poppy's dad, I may be forced to get the Alfred head I wanted off of Ebay and a body for it to be Poppy's dad. More excuses to increase my action figure collection, excuses, excuses!
I hope to have some more pictures up tomorrow of a short photostory of Poppy with her mother and two sisters, Skipper and Patty tomorrow. 


Farrah Lily said...

Oh, I hope you use your 50th aniversary Skipper as I would love to see her out of the box ;). Such beautiful dolls. Yes, I think your two Ken's may just have gotten up and had an adventure. am sure they will turn up eventually-but I know that feeling of "where the heck could they be??" It sounds like you have lots of plans in the works for the coming months and I'm looking forward to see what you have in store. :) Dolls are so fun!

Lisa Neault said...

yes they are! and a great stress relief, from the regular stresses of everyday work and family. The dollies don't have stress and housework!lol.
I do have alot of plans and want the wedding to look great. I've always wanted to do a church scene. My silkstone kens look great and it really bugs me I can't find them- either of them, so I must have another container of dolls!!

D7ana said...

Partly what started me on my organizing attempt was not being able to find my Get Set Vanessa doll for a photograph.

I hope you find your Mad Men Kens soon. Even if it is after you get the Alfred head. Maddening not to be able to have the doll or figure you want when you want to ;-}

Then again, it is exciting to think that you have another container of dolls someplace. Who else lies in those bins?!

Lisa Neault said...

D7ana,I know. It is maddening to think I have another bin of dolls I cannot find. I was positive I had all of the dolls in the bins underneath the diorama tables. They could possibly be in the closet. That would mean an hour or so of moving some items. sigh. It worries me that they might be in a bag or something which is what I think might have happened. I am not missing any other dolls that I know of. I found Poppy's mother another Agnes doll. It is those two Silkstone kens that are missing. That is just the weird thing! And it is driving me crazy. I think another Ken may also be missing which is a basics model ken- the one everyone makes into a johnny depp. so there might possibly be another box of dolls. This is why I would love to move the doll room to a bigger room with shelves so the dolls could all stand on stands and I could see how many I truly do have, instead of being in tubs. I sometimes forget!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, two Ken disappeared, it's a bit disturbing, hope they will pop up soon!
I love your ideas for the characters, the little flower girls are so cute!
you should try to sew a wedding dress, if you don't want something very complicated and have some white lace around the house it is real fun!
I'm looking forward for the photo stories!
Kisses Billa

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Billa. I'm thinking of attempting to sew from the pattern I have just to have a bridal gown for one of the mannequins, get ahead on my sewing goal, and have some variety in the bridal gown shopping scene for Poppy when she goes shopping for her bridal gown. I have found a couple of others I like on ebay that are inexpensive and would look stunning for a june display in LaBelle's aswell.
the Kens...I think they will turn up. There is one other place I have not looked. I have some white chiffon but no white maybe. I'm looking forward to the restart of the stories as well!