Sunday, January 4, 2015

Re-vamping the town...

I haven't posted much for this new year despite my goals because I have been working on taking down the doll town Christmas decorations! Taking down my full size decorations will be easy compared to the doll room! (I still have my little trees with lights up in the dining room window with my holiday Poppy in her cape up, my husband really enjoys her and the deer displayed like that.) 

Today I did some moving around in the doll room which isn't easy. I had Santa's workshop in my window but needed it out of the way since I need to set up some large props for the bjd and the American Girls. So I re-vamped the town, and took down my faux boutique window and fake cafe front. 

As you can see, I put Santa's workshop up all the way into the corner along with its Christmas items and toys and Santa himself. I took my happy living dollhouse that folds up with those cute french doors facing out like it is someone's condo or apartment. The boulangerie/patissirie is next to LaBelle's since this is supposed to be a french town anyway. The only thing that irritates me is the exposed lavender wall in the skyline in the corner behind the workshop, but that will have to be photoshopped out. I took some time to give my Artist Barbie silkstone some love. 

She is one of my favorites, since she is supposed to be an artist in Paris, wearing that generic outfit we think all models in Paris must wear, lol. I adore that little Eiffel tower statue I found at Michael's and am going to get another for the bakery display inside. She is indulging in a coffee and a St. Honore pastry with Mops. I am working on more of these pastries, they are time consuming and to make more progress I make them en masse in all three scales- 1:6, 1:4 and 1:3. One of the reasons for the town revamp is I need the light to set up my larger displays for the 1:4 and 1:3 St. Honore and other french pastries I am creating. I completed some chocolate ones, but the 1:6 ones are not ready yet. So no pictures yet, :( . 

As an afterthought, I had a recent purchase on ebay arrive for my custom Sheldon Cooper- his shoes. I decided to see how he looks with Amy.

He's got that crazy smile he 'has' to smile. I purchased his head off of ebay and the body too, it was the slimmest one I could find. The pants are off of ebay as well as the shoes. I still have to order his Green Lantern tshirt and under shirt as well as make a bunch of comix for him and get some star wars figures. This doll looks as close to Amy as I could get, and she looks great with those glasses on. 

So this is a look at my workspace in front of the window- it is a mess with dolls that need to be re-dressed and items that need to be put away. Valentine's day is coming and I have so many items I am working on- as well as the windows of LaBelle's boutique. 

As you can see, I have a ton of dolls that need to be redressed, including my Trixie and Poppy in their gingerbread dresses in the bakery! More trolling on ebay and etsy for the perfect valentine outfits! I'm going to attempt to think outside the box for my Valentine's day windows too. Lots of pink , red and black. ~Lisa


billa's dolls and fashions said...

I'll wait until next friday to take off all the Christmas decorations....I still have to find a place for the things I bought this year.
Your artist Barbie is gorgeous!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Billa! Part of my problem is with the doll xmas stuff- I know I have MORE that I couldn't find this year from last year, lol so I had to buy more decorations this year. Now trying to figure out where to put this stuff so I can find it. too much stuff!

Ms. Leo said...

I just love your little town! I wish I had the space to setup and keep up something like this!

Lisa Neault said...

Mrs. Leo, very little space! I should post a pic of how small my doll room is. The tables the town is on takes the whole side of the room, with the dollhouse inthe middle and the temp photo tables in front of the window and to the side of the dollhouse. I really have only a pathway , lol. I might take a picof my crammed dollroom, for fun.