Thursday, January 15, 2015

Edge Vanessa has arrived....

'Edge' Vanessa , the doll that won the designer competition at the Fashion Royalty convention in 2013, by Lisa Ramsey, has arrived. And she is stunning.

When I first ordered her, I was on the seat and going through one of my buyer's regrets...I thought as soon as she arrived, I would be putting her for sale on the doll pages. Not a chance.

The box, the packaging, her face sculpt, hair, the dress, - all are wonderful. 'less is more...' concept certainly applies here and I can understand why Integrity picks simplistic designs in these competitions. Her shoes , and accessories are lovely. In these photos I haven't yet put on her gloved hands-(I am not partial to mitts or gloved hands on fashion dolls with evening wear. ) She has a small black purse and some lovely jewelry. Her shoes are pumps like spectator pumps, I will have to take some photos of them. So for now, I am going to enjoy her in this gown-- it is lovely and I tried to get some pics from the back as it seems to be made a trifle differently then normal mermaid gowns, its train kind of billows, and it is lined.

The winner of the design competition at the 2014 GLOSS Fashion Royalty convention was Culte de Paris also known as Julia LeRoy. Her design stood out and based on this doll, I may also buy her design next year. One of the wonderful things about the W club membership is at the convention is a design competition. The top winner chosen will have their gown or design manufactured by Integrity toys. The winner gets 5 copies of their design and credit for it, but no payment.  It was exciting for me at my first convention to see how this process is done and it was a hard choice as there were oodles of lovely gowns. 


D7ana said...

Wow. She is gorgeous.

Congratulations on getting her. She'll inspire some fantastic storylines ;-)

billa's dolls and fashions said...

She's stunning!

Lisa Neault said...

I agree. She is far more stunning than the original photos, I almost did not order her! Right now I'm enjoying her in her gown before I decide what to redress this lovely in!

jSarie said...

She's stunning - and the shape of that dress is fabulous!

I can see why you've decided to keep her! :)