Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My take...Sheath Sensation...

I finished a wonderful strapless sheath from the pattern 'Sheath Sensation' by
Marirose Designs . This pattern has a wonderful free photo tutorial HERE I purchased this through her Etsy shop for $8 with an instant download and it is quite easy with her photo tutorial. This artist had a couple of her patterns in the first revitalized Barbie magazine revitalized in 2007 but was discontinued. She does wonderful updated versions of the vintage patterns. 

I left off the straps and pockets on this dress. Mainly I needed to work on bodice assembly and I didn't want anything to distract me while I was learning. I found this adorable daisy fabric at A.C.Moore in the quilt section and some other fabrics as well. So everyone may be getting new strapless sheaths!

Here it is on my Market Day Silkstone, and I found some cute pink sunglasses from Scooby Doo Daphne Barbie to go along with it. I added the pink cumberbun made of chiffon myself to give it pop.

 Her pearls really make it. That pink! I'm in love.
Here it is on my Joyful in Japan Poppy- I may need to take it in a bit for Poppy's bust,

It appears a little loose in the bust. I thought the updo would look wonderful with this gown. I may undress my Cocktail silkstone to wear this for spring. I needed to find some jewelry for her- and she needs a cigarette holder! (Sorry folks, don't care if it's politically incorrect- I grew upin the late 60's and 70's when people smoked and drank cocktails, lol) She looks like she needs to be at a very posh pool party with martinis in hand. 

I am expecting some more patterns to arrive in the mail, so when those projects are in progress will post pics of them. Enjoy!


Night Owl said...

Great dress, I love the fabric, it reminds me of Spring :-). That's a beautiful Silkstone you have too!

Smaller Places said...

Oh, that's delightfully Mad Men by way of Miami Beach!

Lisa Neault said...

lol..thank you Night Owl. She is Market Day- came in a beautiful floral bubble dress and was a dealer exclusive backin 2006 or 2007? Believe it or not, I picked her up at a wholesale store Tuesday Morning for about $30...
Smaller places, that is what I thought! She looks like she needs to be at a snazzy pool party with cigarettes and martinis!