Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a great beginning to the year 2015!

I have been a little AWOL lately as with New Year's Eve and playing catch up with 'real' life stuff I haven't had much time to take many pics since the day before. Today I am working on laundry, and more laundry and getting ready for when the week gets back to normal and we are pretty holidayed out. 
However, I had some time to work on my dolly goals for 2015!

I got into the habit of making goals instead of resolutions, especially for the doll collection. Resolutions are passe and never work, with no set plan or method of operation to make that goal happen. With the doll collection, I like to assess what I would like to  do, my overall objective is, and how to keep my focus. Last year one of my goals was to work on more in depth dioramas, and I think I did that. I revisited old ones, made new ones and tried new things. So my continuation of that diorama building will be to take it to the photostory level, with a written 'script' or short story to go by. I might need some fingers crossed on this one! Goal 1.

I am also going to limit my fashion doll purchases. I simply was bombarded by the W Club last year as well as with convention dolls. There are dolls in their boxes that I have only just took out and looked at then put back in the box. This is a unique situation for me, a de-boxer.  I have alot of my convention dolls up on my doll pages site for sale. Dolls in boxes don't work for me, they need to be in use. So I may be cutting back on alot of the doll purchases except for the hommes, Poppy Parkers, Victoire and the Dynamite girls and boys. I just passed on the last W Club doll who was a FR2 with those freakish long legs. 12.5 inches high is just too high for a female doll in a 1:6 scale setting. I may invest in more silkstones as the two new ones coming out are exceptionally lovely. (I may also undress my Fiorella and redress her in something lovely and use that gown for another doll.) Goal 2

Goal 3- Sew more for the dolls. I have one vintage Barbie pattern that is still not completely cut and the fabric next to it. This sewing will expand to just more than the 12 inch fashion dolls- to my bjd's as well, as my Sybarite. I would like to experiment with sewing 18th century costumes, and kind of perfect that this year. It's a longshot but I really need to work on this for my Chateau project- Louis needs an elegant beaded long vest and jacket as well as his sash with his orders. Lots of time and embroidering and beading on that, as well as sewing the tiny Louis Charles' outfit. 

Goal 4- ties in with Goal 3- Concentrate on creating more doll foods- specifically the doll pastries in all the scales. I realized the other day how much creative fun I had making St. HOnore pastries and I want to perfect more. Experiment more with the dolly foods.  Happily, it ties in for me with the doll collection. 

Goal 5- Expand collection with larger dolls. Getting into the larger scales of doll foods, I have a Sybarite, three American Girl dolls, and an MSD sized ball jointed doll. I am thinking of buying two new dolls that are larger this year- an SD sized Island doll 58 cm- Eleanor, and a Tonner sized Deja Vu. Right now this is going to be difficult and some of the 1:6 scale purchases might have to take a back seat. I am also hankering after another Realpukis, and already am thinking of some Christmas scenes where they could be elves with my little current Soso, Wren, who was so adorable in Santa's workshop this year. This goal may take some time to effect. 

Right now this is the beginning of my goal list for the collection, I hope everyone is having a great beginning to their year! Lisa


Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa, wishing you a great 2015! You have great goals, I look forward to the progress and your new doll purchases :-). Have fun!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: your plans are very great. Happy New Year.

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa!
I wish you a very happy 2015!
I look forward for your sewing projects!

Lisa Neault said...

thank you everyone! I am determined to master more sewing as my photo projects demand more clothing. Also, I have all of this fabric, beads, etc. and the ironic part is several years ago I used to do my own needlepoint pillows with tassels, etc. for gifts. I can't remember the last time I did needlepoint! (my mother taught me) and quilting. I come from a line of quilters, have made a couple of quilts, but never made the doll quilts I wanted to. lol..I should make another goal to spend less time on the computer but I am so addicted to looking at everyone's pics! Hope to get back into the swing of things after the end of next week.

Winkel's Crazy Ideas said...

Hi, pleased to have found your blog. 1:6 scale is my favourite scale. I havn't succeeded in finding any 1:6 scale collector blogs - i.e.until now. I am your newest follower. Pam in Norway

Lisa Neault said...

Hi Pam! If you look at my sidebars, you will find many links to 1:6 scale collectors and their blogs as well s some of the message boards. My flicker is full of 1:6 scale collectors, and it is always great to find a new 1:6 collector link. I try to post anything new I find here.