Saturday, January 24, 2015

Extreme Kit Bash: From 1:12 to 1:6??

Many years ago (now) I started out as a 1:12 scale diehard miniaturist, with forays into the 1:24 and 1:48scale worlds. I belonged to the Greenleaf Dollhouse forum and a couple of forums for 1:12 scale building back in the day when I used to think nothing of creating miniature dollhouses. This was BEFORE Silkstone Barbie and Fashion Royalty captured my heart and building passion. I would say seeing the incredible dioramas of collectors who had very little in the way of readily available components and materials gave me new inspiration when I found I was getting bored with 1:12, even as a miniature dealer and custom builder. Same old farmhouses, same old themes, castles, witches, etc. with very little WOW factor. I think that is what made me embrace the 1:6 scale and larger scales.

So I get emails from Hobby Builder's Supply otherwise known in the miniature world as HBS, or to us dealers, Houseworks (Bill Bellamy owns Houseworks and HBS and miniature marketplace, quite a leader in the dollhouse component world. I just wish he would revamp his 1:6 scale components to fit proper fashion dolls) And to make a long story short, every year they do a Creatin' Contest.  The new kit- Denise's City Cottage Kit is speaking to me, but not in 1:12 scale. This just may be the kit I have been looking for to do an EXTREME kitbash on- from 1:12 to 1:6. Here are the pics of it. 

Its foot print dimensions would work for a small one room cottage/diorama scene 20 inches wide, 11 3/4 in high, 20 1/4 in deep the interior space is
19 in w x 15 in deep,, BUT I am thinking I may be able to improve upon that with a slightly different sized base. 

The only thing that may worry me is the door, but if it is a sliding door in 1:12, that usually means perhaps 5-6 inches wide which is a good width for a 1:6 door. 

My husband, who used to enjoy kit bashing with me, was definitely interested and to my surprise was not put off by it. He said maybe get the kit and let's play with it! (Be still my heart- who doesn't love being enabled?)

It has a sloping roof, exposed beans. This is what Ernie's resident miniaturist did to it for the promo shots from the HBS website-

Cute isn't it? An old antique junk store in 1:12 scale. 

I have already done some figuring, the interior footprint bothers me but that may be able to be altered. The biggest thing- it would be a permanent structure that wouldhave to have a 'space' in my home. (sob) Though I adore a building challenge. Space, the final frontier. Never enough of it in a doll and dollhouse miniaturists' home! 

SO: The big question- what do my followers think? Is this something you think maybe cool? 
Would you like to see it? One thing I would be hesitant to do is to enter the creating contest challenge simply because of time constrictions. I amnot sure I could accomplish this build in that amount of time as I like to take my time. I know, a year should be enough- but still. 

But...I am sorely tempted, yes, sorely tempted. Maybe reduce the doll buying frenzy this year- To date I have already counted about six dolls or more that have been purchased this year- it might be more with preorders from the W club..

When I look at it I see a mountain cabin at a ski resort for Cruz and his band of lovelies, or a mountain retreat or cabin for GI Joe. Or even a pioneer cabin. I'm thinking the posh mountain ski retreat would be more in line. lol...

One thing I used to do when I purchased a kit to 'bash' was I already had a storyline in place for the little people living there- it helped me as if I were designing for a 'real' family or person. Case in point for my dolls. I am already thinking Cruz goes beyond the beach bum and looks like a mountain resort type of guy who loves to curl up by the fire with a lovely model. lol....

This is one project that keeps drawing me in and will wreak havoc on my dollroom organization! 

Note- please give me your thoughts in the comments- I would love other's thoughts and opinions. I could possibly keep this bash in the dining room on a table with the trees in front of a window with the outside as a natural backdrop. The challenge is calling me and I would possibly put other dioramas on my list to the side until this was done. I would of course put photos here on the blog so everyone could follow along with my do's and don'ts if this is something they too would love to do to a kit they find. 
Looking forward to thoughts and opinions- this is one reason I haven't been taking alot of pics lately is because I have been sketching out dimensions and ideas.....Lisa


Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

Dear Lisa,
You don't need our opinions, :))) You have decided it already! You've been already attached to this project so deeply that one click of a button will solve your hesitation. Plus, oh, my gosh!, you have such support from your husband! I will be following the process of bashing this kit from 1/12th to 1/6th scale with a huge interest. Recently I found myself in sinking into the world of Mr. Tonner's fashion dolls (Ellowyne Wild Imagination, to be exact) and your idea of bashing this kit made me think if I can do anything with it for my 16" dolls. Crazy idea! but this is exactly why we love this miniature world! Go for it! Hugs, Natalia

Lisa Neault said...

lol thank you Natalia! The footprint may be small for 16 inch dolls, I cut out a footprint of the measurements of the base of foamcore and figured I would have to make the walls about 9-11 inches higher to do what I wish to do. I did some sketching but it would be touch and go until I got the kit in my hands!

Honestly, I miss kitbashing but put it to the side when I got into 1:6 scale- it just bored the stuffing out of me. I went back and looked at all of my project lists and talked it over with hubby and I may go ahead and buy the kit and materials I think I need when I get some funds ahead. I did a little 'adjustments ' in the doll room so I would have a place to put it. I like to work outside so would probably tape and glue it together when weather is warmer in the spring if I do buy the kit now, in a few weeks. Best thing with HBS is their coupons, so I will wait for a printed catalog with a coupon to order it. lol thank you for your encouragement!

billa's dolls and fashions said...

Hi Lisa, this is a great idea and a stimulating challenge, I'd love to see it. I believe it would be a perfect ski chalet for Cruz!

Natalia's Fine Needlework said...

I hear you, Lisa! To add 9"-11" more to the walls... Wow! I probably would need 4 of these kits for my Ellowyne dolls, or just utilise all kits I purchased from HBS last years for bashing and never found time for them, lol! However, Lisa, good luck to you! For some reason, I am sure you will not even complete this project but complete in time and have a lot fun! Can't wait to see when you start the process.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Billa!

Natalia, the big girls require more room, just like their props. When I cut out this footprint of foamcore to play with I knew it would barely work for the 12 inch dolls.I have thought of a design that might work with this small a space and make it look like a ski or mountain cabin. When I get funds ahead, I hope to order the kit.