Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Va. fashion doll club meeting- theme 'Downtown Abbey'

This past Sunday I attended my Va. Fashion doll club meeting and we met again at Linda's house. I think I featured pictures last year on her amazing doll room. Most of our members are into reproduction and vintage Barbie- some of us are heavily into Jason Wu/Fashion Royalty like Karon Montague (Karon N va ) on the fashion doll boards such as Doll Divas. 
The Theme was the popular TV show 'Downtown Abbey' and we have quite a few members who watch it. I do not get PBS but to catch up I watched the new premiere of season 4 online and it was so intriguing! So I am somewhat hooked. 
Our theme was to bring dolls dressed as members of the cast and we also were going to have 'High Tea' . Backdrops of some of the rooms of the castle and gardens had been provided, and I was asked to bring some of my wingchairs and tea tables for the table shots. Our club members outdid themselves, as usual.

Some of the cast of the 'downstairs' staff, cook, Mary, Barrows and one of the house maids. Cook was a Carol Burnett doll from job switching set and her red lipstick taken off, wearing a dyed civil war nurse dress so it appears to be grey striped, our club member Jodie did this. Our club president, Debbie made Edith's dress and she did an amazing job matching the color and fabrics.

One of our club members from Maryland, Leslie, replicated the scene where Mary had a one night stand and the visitor died in her bed- and they had to move him back to his room- this caused alot of hilarity at the club.

All this doll play worked up an appetite for tea. There were egg salad sandwiches, chicken salad with grapes and cranberries sandwiches, cucumber & goat cheese sandwiches, with the crusts cut off of course-, marmalade, devonshire cream with orange and cranberry scones, lemon cubes, macarroons, chilled stuffed strawberries with almonds- (my contribution) fruits and a variety of teas such as Earl Grey, raspberry, and other tea assortments as well as lemonade, diet and regular sodas, and more. 
We had alot of fun and I now have a new 'show' to look forward to as I love period drama.
Enjoy the photos!~Lisa


billa's dolls and fashions said...

Thanks Lisa for sharing, it must have been a lot of fun! I love Downton Abbey and I have to say that you all put tons of creativity in this!

Vanessa said...

Awesome theme and job well done. My favorite was the scene where Mary and her mom (I think) were removing the dead man from Mary's bedroom. I have scene many of the episodes, but haven't gotten hooked. It's a great show.

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you !Our club puts alot of thought into where each meeting will be hosted, and also our newsletter- it is several pages long in a pdf format now- it used to be mailed out to us but it is now posted on our facebook page. Our ladies are very 'into' dolls (more of them are into vintage than I am) and they take alot of care into the theme of the meeting. We are celebrating Barbie's birthday- March 9th at an old historic bed and breakfast civil war home with tea. The meetings are long but lots of fun as we get to be with our doll buddies.Next month we are all going to be at the local doll show either selling or attending.