Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chateau project- 1:6 scale French doors

The Chateau project is still in progress. I just have not had much time for the doll stuff with commissions, and my husband's business LeoPaul & Assciates as with the winter cold, many clients need boiler work completed. The paperwork and other office stuff takes up alot of my time. 
But today I have had alot of time to work on one of the parts of this project that have perplexed me....1:6 scale French doors like those of Versailles and the Petit Trianon. After seeing other diorama artists who have made dozens of foamcore doors, I wondered if it was possible to do so with the French doors? So I began my experiment today.

I used a large scrap piece of foamcore from my stash since I didn't know if the design would work. I also had a large yardstick ruler, my steel ruler, exacto knife and scissors.
For reference, I used my tallest Fashion Royalty homme- Romaine and to the Fair Poppy parker for size /scale reference. 
First, I put the dolls and measured the length/height  of the doors I wanted. I originally thought of 14 inches high, but nixed that as the door would look too small for Romaine, who is 13 inches high. This is also a Chateau, so the doors should be a little taller than usual.I went with 15 inches high 5 inches wide.

Then, I cut out the door. Next I measured for 2 window panes going down. I ended up with 8 window panes, which resembles the French double doors that open onto the Chateau's terraces. Below is a picture of the finished set of doors, with the panes cutout, and a door frame of foam core around them.

                             Below I propped them up so you can do the height comparisons.

Showing them above with Marie Antoinette. Even though this is a mockup I was pleased with my first attempts. I am thinking of taking white contact paper and covering the cuts so it looks smooth and even, then adding some embellishments and doorknobs with hinges. 
I also worked on mockup with different papers to get an idea. I am using the lit du polannaise in this room so the colors have to mesh with it, soft taupe and sage green, with gold and cream

Above is a photo of some wallpaper mockups I did today too. The lovely paper behind Marie is a 1:12 scale sheet of miniature wallpaper I had in my stash from the Natasha French bouquet wall mural line, here it is cut in half and arranged on a background of green art paper from Hobby Lobby taped onto foamcore just to see how it all looks together. The Natasha paper looks really good behind Marie and reminds me of the scene in the Marie Antoinette movie where she is reading the letter from her mother and leaning against that gorgeous wall with floral vibrant paper/tapestry behind her. It really pops here. Right now my problem is the dimensions of the room and how large it will be. I am certain it will probably be temporary but I may end up glueing it together until I get it right. 
Hope this has helped, and I will have more photos on this project as I get/acquire more of my needed materials.

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