Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Tuesday Morning bargains...

Sorry for being so late with a post in the new year, but I have been very busy of late. Part of it is the preparations for the frigid cold temperatures here in Virginia- there hasn't been anything like this since 1988, according to the weather and years before that as well. Last night it was 7 degrees! Hubby and I had alot of preparations to do on the vehicles and the house, making sure pipes would not feeze, etc.
I finally got it together to go by a local Tuesday Morning I had not been to in a while to check the deals out and look for another Emmett Twilight doll..I have all of the Twilight dolls except Edward. But I want another Emmett for a very ambitious project I am currently working on, which I will reveal more on later. After reading Vanessa's post on her Tuesday morning Fashion Dolls at Van's Doll Treasures I decided to go by and see if I couldn't score some great deals.

My first score was an Only Hearts Fairy Prince & Unicorn set. I have never seen an Only Hearts club boy doll, he is Prince Trevor on the orange unicorn. $9.99  His little fairy costume and crown come off revealing a plain stuffed/wired body in blue denium underneath. I plan to use him in the family/project I am working on, and he will be redressed, I will more than likely paint his little shoes which do not come off. The unicorn is cute and will make a great gift for someone.
I scored more Only hearts outfits for 3.99. The little sneakers are great and they do fit Poppy Parker! I bought two matching outfits as these fit Stacey dolls and some of the items also fit mini American Girl dolls as well as the Chelseas.

 Sorry about the photos being fuzzy. More Only Hearts items were for the small toddler dolls, shoe paks and clothing packs at .99 cents each.

These are great deals, and I think besides fitting some of the Kelly dolls, they will also fit my tiny Felix Brownie Bjd's.

The best deal at this Tuesday Morning was this Barbie Basics the look doll- city shopper with the brunette. I had already scored the blonde with the grey sweater dress on and the more popular Steffie one. I hadn't been able to snag the African American one with the beautiful ponytail, I could never find her. I love this brunette but had given up on getting her from either Target or Tuesday Morning! I love these Barbie Basics as they come with shopping bags, and cute outfits that look good on the Fashion Royalty dolls.
As I move farther along on my new diorama project, which will be indepth and time consuming- I will post pictures. I am taking my time as there is alot to do before I get to the point where photos will be a good thing. Right now I am embarking on assembling the dolls for the doll family, as well as working on drafting their clothing and the furniture for the diorama as well. The only hints I will give is - it is a period historical diorama (no, not the Ingalls family again!) - much earlier- the 18th century. That is all I can give away at this point!

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Vanessa said...

Congrats! You got some great things.
I saw the little prince, but left him there. It will be nice to see him on your blog. By the way, Ross and TJ Maxx had both the Barbie Look dolls.