Sunday, January 19, 2014

Custom doll- the young Marie Antoinette

As one or two of my previous posts showed, I was working on some custom furniture for an 18th century project. I call this my 'Chateau' project right now. While working on this to take my mind off of my mother's illness and her passing in December 2013, I sketched this out in my sketchbook with ideas I came up with. Like all of my dioramas, it began with so many ideas that it became quite indepth. The original plan was to just do a custom Marie Antoinette doll- but what is she without Louis XVl, the Dauphin and her daughter Marie Therese, as well as her faithful friends of her Court?
Right now I have finished Marie Antoinette's gown and her initial look. I will be making some other gowns for her, but this material I had on hand and so fits the inspirational photo from the Marie Antoinette/Kirsten Dunst movie.

The lit du polannaise divan/settee is all handmade by me - the drapes, tassels, pillows, curtains , cushions. I finished Marie's dress today. She is a Lilac Frost Poppy Parker withher hair washed and restyled into a tall Pompadour style using gel and alot of patience!
Marie Antoinette really did have a pug dog that she brought with her from Austria to France named Mops(Mops is a birthstone beauty Barbie accessory I customized by taking off his crown and making his silk ribbon rhinestone embellished collar- just like the Mops int eh movie) but it was sent back to Austria at the hand-over when the Queen was not allowed to keep anything Austrian. She later sent for her dog Mops to be brought back to her by Courier from her mother the Empress. 
The gown was redrafted from an old MSD sized Arcadia dolls pattern from an old issue of Haute Doll, I customized the skirt a bit because of the fabric. 
This project will be ongoing, and Louis is now in the works, but will probably not be done until late June. I am going to work on the Dauphin and Marie Therese next as well as the finishing touches to the lit du polannaise as well as working on the actual room for this scene. More later!


Vanessa said...

I love it! You did a great job on the outfit and the hair. I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the characters.

Lisa Neault said...

thank you Vanessa! Louis is in the works now and will be repainted & re-rooted Emmett by Dawn at OSS. I probably will not have him back until June. Emmett has the nearest face mold to a young Louis from the portraits I have studied. I think I know who will be the Count Axel Fersen but am trying to figure out who will be Yolande de Polignac and some of the others. In the meantime I will be working on the children and the room walls of the diorama until Louis arrives in a few months. It is a fun and challenging project.