Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Days of Advent- Catching up again- Days 15-18

This year it seems like I am constantly playing catch-up, not only in my dolly world projects but real life day to day as well. Like, whose idea was it to put Christmas----in DECEMBER?? LOL...I was and still am not prepared for Christmas. Part of me just doesn't have the fa la la la thing going on this year, and I am not really thrilled one way or the other. 
So today is catch up with the advent photos, 15 thru day 18 today! Enjoy!

Day 15 

Day 16

Day 17 

                                                Day 18
That is Dixie and Poppy adjusting the ornaments on the tree so they are just right. I haven't been giving Dixie & her co-hort Maizie much camera time, and they are not happy about it since the fashion dolls have been getting all the camera attention lately. 

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