Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas sock sweaters....

I have been absent for a while, but with the recent passing of my mother, who died on December 3rd, I am lucky to be navigating. Her illness lasted during the month of November. I pray that everyone here never go thru the illness of a loved one near Christmas or Thanksgiving. 
To keep my sanity and distract me, I had purchased on one of my forays to the Dollar Tree and Target some Christmas sweaters for a $1. Agnes and Romaine and Poppy have been wearing those creations. My Barbie Basics doll Steffie has just recently acquired a sweater set. 

The skirt and sweater have snap closures on the back and the hems on the sleeves and skirt are turned under.The diorama is my new French bakery/Boulangerie that I created and am still acquiring items to furnish it, as well as making the breads, sandwiches and cakes. I want my doll town to have a French chic market village type of look, with trendy little boutiques hosted by designers and chic little eateries. I can dream right? C'est la vie..

 I made the purse which is available in my Etsy shop = click on the Etsy catalog at the top of this blog. The purse is part of my 'Scottish Lassies' line which is now available, including the Scottish terrier dog with the dog coat, leash, collar.
I have also been creating some more miniature foods- which are now available on Ebay Auction as well as some large scale Bespaq items. 

Here are some of the new food items listed-


Vanessa said...

Lisa, I am soooo sorry to hear about your mom. That is really tough to deal with, especially during the holidays. You are in my prayers.

I love the look of your bakery! Well done. Very nice sweater set, and your Scottish Terrier line is adorable.

Ms. Leo said...

I'll keep you in my prays! I know it can't be easy. I'm glad that creating for your dolls is helping. You've done well with the sweaters and bread.

Lisa Neault said...

thanks Vanessa, and Ms. Leo. I had hesitated sharing my and my family's loss of my mom, but one thing that helps me deal with it is her illness in the hospital was simply awful, after her surgery she was on life support...I would not wish that emotional roller coaster on anyone. Creating during that time helped me deal with the daily things that still had to happen- business/work, laundry, meals, paying bills, etc. I am still recovering emotionally from it with the final arrangements w/ my dad. I really really dread going thru her doll collection, which my dad has asked me to do. Creating these special little items helps me to celebrate Christmas somewhat. Usually I shop and send out my cards- this year I have only purchased one item for our daughter and sent out/designed no cards..just have no heart for it. Thank you for your kind comments, it is great to have support from the doll collectors who read my little blog.