Friday, December 20, 2013

Advent: Days 19-20.......

Advent today is for yesterday 12/19 and today 12/20. I have been playing catch up in a big way and starting to clean out storage bins, so I have been listing, listing, listing on ebay to beat the band. Many of these listings are past issues of American Miniaturist, Dollhouse Miniature Magazine, Miniature Collector magazines, of which I have a HUGE collection that needs to move on, as well as a large selection of books. Click HERE to shop for those deals on these books and magazines with free shipping, they are priced to move!
But back to Advent photos. The town has not received any love lately as my heart is just not into it. I have very little patience these days and only occasionally toy with pictures on the dolls for a moments fun. 
These photos were taken with just the shop backlights on, I would like to get more small low lights to light the town better for night photos.

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