Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas sweaters & 1:6 scale party platters

I have just finished two items - a meat and cheese platter with accompanying filled appetizer plate and fork, - this comes on a round 'silver' platter, with ham, turkey rolls, white and cheddar cheese cubes, and sliced french baguette slices garnished with strawberries and greenery. Appetizer plate is filled with strawberry, cheese cubes and bread slices and a fork with cheese cube on it.

The other one is a spinach dip platter with a filled appetizer plate and spoon. All of these foods are glued onto the plates. Has a round bread bowl filled with spinach dip with sliced baguettes surrounding it, as well as filled appetizer plate with dip on spoon and baguette slices on plate.

Both of these are on Ebay Auction now with free shipping- I also have other food items ending today as well.

As you can see, the dolls are getting out their new Christmas sweaters that I just made, I figured out how to make it with a turtleneck which looks snazzy. I used snap closures, but I think velcro might work better on the backs. Agatha and Romaine adore their Christmas sweaters!


Vanessa said...

Great job on everything! I love the platters and the sweaters are fabulous. I just bought some Christmas socks a few weeks ago. Can't decide whether to turn them into sweaters or put them on my feet. lol. I should probably buy more and do both.

Lisa Neault said...

lol..Vanessa I had the same problem with the red socks- but they are so adorable on the dolls.
I got the red sweater socks at Target, they have better patterns than the Dollar Tree sometimes. I have been wanting to do a Christmas tree scene with the dolls in Christmas sweaters.

The Duke of Swann said...

Love your platters. Your stuff is awesome.

Eve*Sparkle said...

Really fantastic scenes. I love the jumpers so much. Great job. Happy Holidays!