Sunday, December 22, 2013

Day 22...Merry Christmas to me!

I have been feeling a little under the weather, so yesterday decided to go do some retail therapy. I also started working on the Boulangerie /French bakery in the doll town too.
Retail therapy began at Tuesday Morning. I was really looking for another Disney Princess teatable set, but found a Barbie Basics The Look doll for 14.99...I have been wanting her for a while now.
I love her! I also found the cute little soap/vanity dish for 4.99 that will make a modern cafe serving tray/cart in the bakery. The 2nd shelf can hold extra plates, flatware, cups and the bottom can be for dirty dishes. The top can be where the waitress puts down her tray to serve.

It looks just right standing next to Poppy Lisa. Can hardly wait to get it all set up. 
As I said, I did some work on the Disney Princess set. Here it is in all its ugly pink and purple glory.
Now, repainted black with spray paint. I need about three more of these sets they are wonderful sized and look elegant painted in either white or black. I had thought about doing a verdigris, but will wait and see.

Looks so very a la francais, non? The short 1:12 scale wire rack is a Sonia Messner rack I have a few of, that will be filled with small baskets, breads, jars, etc and hang on the wall behind the counters, I have a couple of these that will hang inside. I need to make some wall art and decide the layout, I am thinking of creating my own counter for the register, etc. I have one Rement bakery case but that is in LaBelle's right now, I might purchase another on ebay. 
Hopefully this project will be done by Valentine's day so I can fill it up with sweets and candy!


Vanessa said...

Nothing like shopping to make a person feel better. I hope it helped. Congrats on getting your new doll. I love what you did to bistro. I'm excited to see the bakery finished. It seems to be coming together really nicely. Merry Christmas!

Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I have that same Barbie. She is very cool. Great bakery. Keep in touch

Lisa Neault said...

Thank you Vanessa! Yes it seems to be coming together, and the little soap dish thingy was just a fluke-never leave home without a doll or a tape measure!lol
Marta, I think she's great. Now I only have to get the brunette and the African American one in this years basics- she was gorgeous and I missed out on her. A steal as she is going for 19.99 on Barbie Collector

Cindi Mortensen said...

Shopping really does help one feel better. I have that blonde doll, and I love her too! Can't wait to see your bakery. Thanks for the idea on the soap dish thingy for a cart. I would've never thought of that! Merry Christmas to you! :-)

Lisa Neault said...

You're welcome Cindi!
I went back to Walmart and purchased another Disney princess table set, couldn't resist since the set looks so great painted. HOpefully will have more pics later after Christmas!