Friday, January 18, 2013

The Dolls are taking over....

...the doll room that is!Since it snowed, sleeted, and rained last night today I stayed put and organized the shelves in the doll room. Or maybe it should be called the diorama room. Or maybe it should be called the dollhouse room.....anyhow, the dolls are taking over. So today I cleaned off 6 shelves and reorganized! No small feat for me, I can tell you.

From this- 2 shelves on the right were cleared out of stuff, 1 more on the bottom to go...
To 2 shelves vacant, as shown above. The orange car was my very first Barbie car, bought with green stamps, as Mom couldn't afford the 'real' Barbie car when I was a kid. I loved this car.
My Re-ment stash amongst my dollhouse miniature magazines
Transformed to a clean shelf for more diorama space!
These are the shelves next to the closet and my 1:12 scale Strawberry Hill dollhouse on the wood base pedestal. That's where my vintage Dawn fashion dolls live. Right now these shelves were cleared out to make room for a nightclub, or a shopping mall...
Above is the items that came off of the shelves near the closet door- my boxed dolls, and all of the little 'loose' items I have been too lazy to put away properly.
I played around a bit with that corner, thinking what can I make this? a park? I do have a picnic table and some park items, such as the fountain.
Remember S.I.S. Darren who I found at Tuesday Morning? Well, I deboxed Nikki I can be a baby doctor (who I picked up at walmart for 6.50!) and it looks like the family is complete!
Here is the family at the park for their photo op. I think Nikki will stay as a doctor, probably a maternity doctor, and Darren will have a job in the town as a disc jockey and co-manager of the nightclub.
Here is a shot of Barbietown, where the storefronts are.
Rosie waving at Prince William.

I decided the entrance to a posh shopping mall or night club would be much much better!Those trees are from the Christmas pageant dio and still have the white lights on them. I put the boxed dolls on the bottom shelf behind the W Club backdrop (thank you Karon Montague! Bestest FR Friend ever! (she gave me the backdrop because she had nowhere to put it in her own doll room)
Here is a shot view of the parking sidewalk, Natalia is picking up Agnes, and Rosie is waving at Prince WIlliam while Katniss is driving.
 All in all, I think the six shelves that have been cleaned will go off well. I was thinking of making the school on two of the bottom shelves, and a store or boutique on the shelves above them. The nightclub will be on the opposite shelves near the W club door backdrop. It will take some time, but the dolls need more places to go than the fake shops and McDonald's! I have been under alot of pressure lately, with work gearing up and other things, and haven't had alot of time to think how I would like the doll room to look. I think going this way will be great. Though I would very much like to have a doctor's office and a hospital and another fine dining restuarant. So I have been thinking of maybe downsizing the large diorama that is McDonald's and put the fine dining restuarant in its place, and making the McDonald's more smaller....that will have to wait until I work out the details.
All for now, Enjoy the pics!~Lisa


Vanessa said...

Great seeing the clean-up. Love the Darren and Nikki family. Good luck on getting it all organized.

Ms. Leo said...

I only wish I had a room to put everything in! Maybe one day. Right now my doll stuff is in different bedrooms in my house. Good luck or your organization!