Thursday, January 10, 2013

Progressive doll purse creations...

I have been experimenting with different materials and worked on this tiny purse. Again, I used a raised pattern felt, this time the purse is lined with red ultrasuede leather, with a black top stitching all around the visible edges, which makes it pop a bit. The handle is braided black leather, with finished silver ends held by matching jump rings, and a lobster claw attachment holding a tiny lock and key. Though it needs work, on the closing flap, I was pleased how my first purse came out constructed as I made the pattern by eye and  used a ruler matching the size against the doll's body- Poppy just happened to be my first willing purse 'victim'
The purse does not have a closure snap/hook yet, I was looking for something to make that flap 'pop' if you will...I have another idea for another purse in red too, so I will probably look for some type of charm or bead to add to it. I wanted to wait until it was completely finished, but thought I would take some pics. I usually don't fall in love with the first item I make, but I honestly enjoyed this one!
Hopefully more to come later!


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I love the red handbag. The pictures are very elegant. Great job! Keep in touch

Lisa said...

thank you Marta! I found a fastner for the purse, so hopefully will have some new pics up soon of it.