Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ebay loot for me!

A TON of Ebay loot that had been purchased for my Laura Ingalls project arrived yesterday- it really felt like Christmas. First up to arrive, was the Johnny West buckboard and the accessories- a pair of pants, boots with spurs, shirt, two rifles with a rifle pouch, vest, hatchet, and water can thingy. Pa and the rest of the Ingalls family were happy. The buckboard is missing the springs on the seat and the front wheel axle comes off when lifted- I think all of this can be fixed- but I can hopefully turn this into the covered wagon.
Next up that came in the mail was Tea Elegance Barbie- also off of Ebay-
This is a quick photo here of her. She came NRFB with her teaset. AND free shipping! this was an awesome deal.
Next up, Victorian holiday Kelly. She was being sold seperately but will work for the older Carrie Ingalls from On the Banks of Plum Creek when Carrie is roughly 4-6 years old, it is hard to tell with Laura's timelines on her books.

I purchased this Kelly mostly to use her dress as a pattern, because the dresses that Laura, Mary & Carrie wear in this old picture resemble that style, a long waist with a short skirt, buttoned up the front sometimes. Here is a picture of them I am referring to-
If you notice, Carries' dress has buttons doubled on both sides up the front, with what looks a two piece dress, as does Laura and Mary(sitting). Their hair is also not in braids but pulled back like this little Kelly's hair as well. Mary and Laura's dress appear to be gingham.
As if all this ebay loot was not enough, yesterday I also picked up Mini american girl doll Nellie, to portray Nellie Olsen.

I adore the blue ribbons and the dress detail, AG really outdid themselves with this one on clothing detail. The only thing I might have to do is switch out her mary janes for those little white and black boots mini Rebecca wears. to make the pictures look authentic.
So yesterday was a great day as far as dolly loot! I am still taking it all in. I want to do a scene soon with all the Victorian barbies but that will mean dismantling the Ingalls' kitchen and I am still taking down Christmas decorations.


Marta said...

Hello from Spain: I like this collection of dolls. I love your American Girl doll Nellie Mini. clothing is gorgeous. The cart is precious. I grew up watching on TV series "Little House on the Prairie '. Keep in touch

Ms. Leo said...

Wow, the wagon is really nice. I always see horse at the thrift store. So, I'm sure you will find horsed. The coffee pot that came with the Liv doll house would work for this too! It is blue and white agate. A few years ago I purchased these Barbie size copper buckets. I have never used them. Maybe they would work for you.

Vanessa said...

You cleaned up! I love everything you bought, but the wagon is my favorite. Nellie's dress is nice and perfect for her.