Wednesday, January 2, 2013

365 days of dolls....

Yep, we started a new project- and a new blog for those pictures!

The project is A Doll a Day 2013 on Flicker group, where you take a picture each day of a doll, any doll, same doll, favorite doll- all dolls welcome. Inspired by Miranda Wandering I also decided to do another blog with just the pictures from my Flicker album so all of the pictures are in one place, and dont interfere here with the fashiondivas.

The blog is here- 365 Days of Dolls  and hopefully you'll enjoy the progress. Two days worth of dolls already posted! This blog will only be a connection, very simple of the Flicker album and flicker group project.

Just an intro, here are some photos of  Barbietown...

all for now- and enjoy the new blog!~Lisa

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