Saturday, April 18, 2009

Work on the exterior progresses......

I accomplished alot of work on the exterior today....I moved the dollhouse to my shop, King William Miniatures so I could work on it in my spare time when the shop is not busy. Maison de la Royale will resemble a small French Villa in Provence, with exposed brick, stucco, and the robin's egg blue shutters. Later after that is further along I will add some plastic ironwork embellishments on teh shutters and all. The rooms interiors will not be worked on until all of these exterior embellishments are done- I've already decided on no staircase, since it takes up so much room that I need for furniture.

The exposed brick is done in paperclay, and will be painted when dry. I used lightweight joint compound from Home Depot ($5 bucket) for the stucco. Hippo grey acrylics were used to paint the trim and sills of the windows. I have not yet finished the garage painting, which I will probably work on after the sides are done. The back I will leave as is, since this will sit in front of a wall and the back is finished very nicely too.

Enjoy the pictures- I hope to have more soon!


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